EXCLUSIVE: Our offices are 24/7 Dedicated Access. We don’t do ‘shared’ environments
because it doesn’t work! Our pricing is for
24/7/365 – no additional charges, no surprise

 SHARED: Our competitors do giant shared floors – its louds, its crowded, its weird. You’ll be kicked off your CPUs when your shift is up. Not fun!


24/7/365 Full-Time Dedicated IT Staff 
Every Client with own dedicated network
Dedicated Static IPs 
Dedicated & Exclusive Network 
Customized Permission Set for your Staff

Limited IT Staff who can’t Solve Problems
 Other campaigns using your CPUs during off-shift.
 Shared Network
 Insecure and Potentially Illegal
 Centrally aggregated data = Liability


Our CEO is on scene everyday.  
She’s available 24/7/365.
With 5+ years of experience and the
largest Philippines seat-leasing-model,
shoot her 
an email amanda@bposeats.com or call her direct: +(63)09159507909 

 Try reaching out to our competitors. After you exhaust yourself dealing with their “entry-level” sales staff that doesn’t know anything you’ll realize our BPO competitors can’t even do a proper job of BPO’lng their own business..what are they going to do with yours?


We offer 100% Free Recruitment for ALL ou r     client  

Will upsell your Recruitment Services at expensive price-points