BPOSeats.com is the Seat Leasing King of Cebu: 7500+ Seats across 6 facilities in Cebu

Seat leasing is a common term in the Philippines, and we’re the indisputable king of Cebu,  We have 7500+ seats available across 6 facilities in Cebu for seat leasing.  With prices beginning at $99 a seat for 24/7 exclusive access to your station, look no further for your seat leasing needs in Cebu!

We have four great facilities in prime locations of Cebu:

  • eBloc4, IT Park Start at $259/seat.
  • i1 , IT Park Start at $189/seat.
  • Cebu Business Park – Ayala ACC Tower Starts at $199/seat

    BPOSeats.com Seat Leasing Stations in Cebu
    BPOSeats.com Seat Leasing Stations in Cebu.
  • GAGFA Tower  Starts at $169/seat.
  • JDN IT Square, Mandaue Start at $130/seat.
  • Marquee Mall, Pampanga Start at $150/seat.

Now there’s an importance difference between what we advertise as seat-leasing and what our competition does.  Our packages are all for 24/7 exclusive access, to your own private office.  We do not do “shared” space like other competitors.  You will have exclusive access to your facility and you won’t have other people using your computers during your “off-shift.”  This means you have more dedicated time to focus on your business in the comfort of a private office.

Best Seat Leasing Rates in Cebu?

Our rates above are cheaper than our competitors who do SHARED environments – there is NO reason to go shared when you can choose BPOSeats.com

Exclusive Private Office > Shared Space!!  Don’t be confused by other definitions of ‘Seat Leasing’

We have over 100+ exclusive offices to choose from, across our four facilities in Cebu.  And our offices ranges from 5-seats up to 500+.  If your business is just getting started we allow extreme flexibility so you can scale your business and move into a new space as your campaign takes off.  Overall, we provide shared amenities like pantry, training rooms, and interview rooms.  The best part is we don’t ever charge for these additional facilities.  We value our clients and we want them to stay!

We provide the best service possible, at the best price imaginable.  Why would you look anywhere else?

There really is no reason to not choose BPOSeats.com for your seat leasing needs in Cebu.  We promise to have the best locations, the best exclusive offices, the best prices, and the best Internet.  Why would you look anywhere else?

Start seat leasing from BPOSeats.com today!


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