Must-Have Checklist for Seat leasing in Cebu & Pampanga

Must-Have Checklist for Seat leasing in Cebu & Pampanga

Here’s your checklist in choosing your seat leasing services in Cebu and Pampanga Philippines. That is perfect for your startup or growing offshore global solution.

  • Seat leasing in premier locations in Cebu and Pampanga
  • Brand new PEZA accredited seat leasing facilities and professional services 
  • Quick access to stable internet connection, light and water & MORE!
  • Technical and other maintenance support at hand 24/7
  • Streamlined services other than seat leasing for your business and talents 
  • 24/7 exclusive use of seat leasing office for data privacy
  • 100% Flexibility and Accountability
  • Conclusion

Seat leasing in premier locations in Cebu and Pampanga

A 24/7 access to public transportation is crucial for your business’ visibility and employees’ convenience to come to your office daily.

That’s why built your seat leasing options in top locations in Cebu and Pampanga.

Cebu City seat leasing options

Choose your premier seat leasing/ BPO office space in IT Park, Ayala Center Cebu (ACC), and or JDN Square IT Center, Banilad, Mandaue City.

JDN Square in Mandaue is only a 5-10 minute drive to IT Park and Ayala in light traffic.

So when you are expanding your business, you can quickly get access to your branches within our facilities.

24/7 Hotels, studio-type condos, coffee shops, dining restaurants, food chain stores, pizza stores, and more are a few steps away from our seat leasing facilities in Cebu City.

Angeles Pampanga seat leasing service

Angeles Pampanga seat leasing service

Also, in Pampanga, we set up our office in Marquee Mall so you have all the convenience you get to delight your employees and business partners.

The Marquee Mall is a haven for most locals, tourists, and various business events in Angeles, Pampanga. 

Thrive your business in the provinces of Cebu and Pampanga while making a difference in the lives of your local employees and growing customers. 

Lease seats for your team in Cebu and Pampanga now!

PEZA- accredited seat leasing facilities & other professional services 

Brand new seat leasing facilities, professional services, and PEZA accredited

Most BPO companies expanding their offshore services to the country are privileged to get various seat leasing options from local and foreign providers.

Because it offers convenience and a tremendous tool to save valuable time and resources. 

You’ll get access to brand new office tools and equipment and you don’t have to worry about the efficiency of your employees.

No need to buy computers, tables, and chairs, or workstations for your staff. 

We have them ready for you to use right away!

A fully furnished office that your team can move in today.

Also customizable office space by your request and you don’t have to look for your skilled workforce to do the construction.

We can facilitate that for you too!

Also, 24/7 live customer support for your team’s technical needs is available because we understand you operate round the clock.

And you don’t have to designate cleaners in your office because we provide professional daily cleaning services. 

Post a notice on your door that your office needs to be cleaned up, and we’ll do it for you instead!

And with PEZA accredited seat leasing facilities, you don’t have to invest in huge capital to build a stable and robust commercial building.

A PEZA accredited facility means that your business and employees are working in stable and well-maintained facilities in compliance with local and national building safety standards.

Get access to well-sanitized stairs, elevators, hallways, and comfort rooms. 24/7 personnel security, and generator access in case of sudden electrical interruption.

Because all we want is to provide a convenient and hassle-free set up of your professional BPO office space in Cebu and Pampanga.

And with the best culture you have developed within your teams, each member will get inspired to come to your office.

With optimal expectation in their creativity and productivity that complements with the latest technologies from seat leasing solution.

Choose your reliable BPO office space and seat leasing must haves in Cebu and Pampanga now!

Access to stable internet connection, light and water & MORE!

Brand new seat leasing facilities, professional services, and PEZA accredited

The seat leasing services you choose for your teams include the installation of your stable internet connection.

Triple 150 MBPS from Globe, PLDT, and Rise that is upgradeable to 1000 MBPS by request to ensure zero downtime of your offshore solution.

And you don’t have to worry about calling for your light and water needs because we already included them in our affordable seat leasing packages.

Air-Conditioned rooms with sound dampening carpets are also installed in your meeting room, interview rooms, conference room, pantry, and a cozy lobby. 

Also, we can assist in your VoIP service when you need one.

Just talk to us where you need help!  

Because is more than just your seat leasing provider!

No more calling for various third-party suppliers that might cause delays for you to deliver your product or service.

And no more delay in assisting your demanding customers!

Choose your professional office space now and have full control!

Technical and other maintenance support at hand 24/7

Technical and maintenance support at hand 24/7 in your seat leasing service

Seat leasing for your BPO global solution is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways of giving your remote team in Cebu or Pampanga a reliable call center office and state-of-the-art facilities!

As we have mentioned that your convenience and hassle-free business office setup is our priority, which includes your team’s technical support and maintenance is at hand. employs several locals to help you assist in your IT needs, electrical water leaking, or AC not working properly. 

Because they are the people we have trusted in setting up your business office, we can rely on them on how to quickly fix and maintain our facilities in no time!

Streamlined services other than seat leasing in Cebu & Pampanga continues to support offshore solutions that are leveraging the affordability and expertise of world-class Filipino talents.

Thus, we understand that after choosing your office, you might need additional staff and productivity tools to ensure your business’s scalability and sustainability.

So we have developed a technology solution that streamlines your most important needs in handling your outsourcing solution.

From your human resources management, payroll services, and project management, we have them beautifully presented for you to try out FREE!

You can also get access to our legal experts in managing a business in the country and creating employment contracts with your local talents.

Get to know the powerful technology today!

Now managing your offshore team with the tech is possible with utmost affordability, flexibility, and accountability.

Check this out!

24/7 exclusive use of seat leasing  for data privacy

24/7 exclusive BPO office space for you ALONE

With seat leasing / BPO office space for lease top options, you can ensure data privacy from your business and employees’ belongings.

Because we do not allow other businesses to use your office space. 

Our clients have 24/7 access to our buildings but only your business and employees can get access to your office space. 

You set up your exclusive network and firewall so you have full knowledge and control. 

Your best interest is with us and we support you in providing the best tools and protection of your business.

Secured seat leasing facilities with various CCTV’s and an RFID system installed in your door.

This is your exclusive BPO office space in Cebu and Pampanga!

Look at our seat leasing virtual tour now!

100% Flexibility and Accountability 

One of the most important considerations in choosing an office for your BPO expansion in Cebu and Pampanga is flexibility and accountability from your seat leasing providers.

Flexibility on Terms

Leasing an exclusive office space should allow you to have flexible leasing

Leasing an exclusive office space should allow you to have flexible leasing agreements because our business might experience sudden plan change and you need to leave. 

So, offers you a month-to-month leasing option to provide you with full control of your time and resources. However a sixty (60) days notice to terminate an office is suggested.

And most startups who are leasing our seat leasing facilities have enjoyed the flexibility on our terms.

Thus, they were able to quickly expand their business while providing various incentives and training with their talents. 

With over 8000+ seats available, you have all the options to cater to your 1-2000+ growing team members in Cebu or Pampanga provinces.

So we accommodate your 1 team member, 5, 10, 15, plus more seats as your team grows with us!

Accountability matters

Our accountability to your company continues because our relationship is more than business. 

Providing your team a more conducive working environment so they can focus on delivering top customer service to your target audience.

Our accountability to your company continues because our relationship is more than business. 

We’d like to grow our business with you as we believe you are making a difference in the lives of our Filipino talents and have contributed huge economic development. 

We continue to invest in our sustainable and affordable technology solutions and by taking quicker action for your operational management needs to ensure efficiency in your outsourcing business.

Growing our clients in just a quick period is one of the testaments that we take your business in mind.

We understand your basic needs and we’d like you to tell us where you might need help! 

Because at, your flexibility and accountability are guaranteed!

For your seat leasing and technical support in Cebu and Pampanga, reserve your office now!


Must-Have Checklist for Seat leasing in Cebu & Pampanga

Let’s recap the most important checklist in our BPO Seat Leasing in Cebu & Pampanga Philippines that matters to your business scalability and employees productivity.

Your seat leasing provider should offer you brand-new facilities so you can continue to deliver the most efficient customer services to your target audience. 

Providing efficient customer interaction online not only depends on your team’s competitiveness but on the quality of tools you provide for each member to carry their roles and responsibilities.

A reliable internet connection and on-hand IT support are one of your most important tools to follow to ensure smooth customer interaction.

Choosing a convenient place for your business and team so they have immediate access to residential, food and transportation.

So, are you ready to grow your offshore business in Cebu or Pampanga Philippines?

Choose your seat leasing/ BPO business office now!

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