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Your Offshore Team With The Tech (SaaS)

Your Offshore Team With The Tech (SaaS)

Now, get to know the Software as a Service (SaaS) that will soon manage your offshore team tech wherever you are in the world with full flexibility and accountability.

“Great companies start because the founders want to CHANGE THE WORLD, not to make a fast buck.” – Guy Kawasaki, Author & Silicon Valley venture capitalists

The same words BPOSeats Tech found inspiration when it saw a  massive gap in offshore market for office space requirements.

Discovered inefficiencies the way some companies manage their diverse workforce and technological solutions.

Your Offshore Team With The Tech (SaaS)

Seat Leasing Options for your Offshore Team

Since 2014, BPOSeats has grown its facilities in six (6) prime locations in the Philippines and will continue to provide office space solutions as demand increases.

And it continues to strive to provide an all-in-one streamlined services to assist every venture capitalist coming to the country.

Then the birth of innovative software solution (SaaS) that challenges the way traditional BPO companies handle their internal operations.

Because when we first started, we found that there are a lot of inefficiencies in our daily activities. 

 And those are damaging our productivity and hurting our finances and profits. And we cannot allow that to happen again. 

Thus, our trusted partners have crafted an innovative software technology for years.

So that other companies doing the same outsourcing activities can have someone to rely on the right tools and affordable solutions.

Your Offshore Team With The Tech (SaaS)


 Business & building permit inconveniences

Your Offshore Team With The Tech (SaaS)

 It is challenging to get a local business permit in the Philippines.

You have to allocate enough time and resources in this process because you need to visit several agencies. 

 These agencies will issue several pre-requisite notices before a city mayor can issue the official business permit certificate. 

And it’s too expensive to build an office from the beginning.

It is necessary to rent an entire lot area which may involve a contract of 5-10 years from the landlord. 

 And then you have to call a construction company to build your desired office that may last months or years to finish.

They saturate every major city in the country today with various improvements and infrastructure.

It is now more difficult to find a more strategic position to set up your business office.

The latter part of this tedious process is calling the different office equipment suppliers. Also includes your internet service provider. 

Then you can look for various talents to help you sell your product or service on offer.

This is a tremendous waste of your time and money. You haven’t even made your profit yet!

Your Offshore Team With The Tech (SaaS)

But now you no longer have to do these difficult stages anymore in starting your business in the Philippines because BPOSeats affordable serviced office and seat leasing options is in your hands.

Predesigned office space solution so your startup or growing team can move-in today!

We also customize your office by request.

Each office from is equipped with brand new facilities such as computers, workstations, and tables and chairs.

Airconditioned facilities with sound-dampening carpets to ensure a comfortable and exclusive office space solution.

Plus we ensure that your office is exclusive only for your business and employees. This is to ensure data privacy and protection at all times.

Furthermore, BPOSeats trusted legal partners will assist your local business permit compliance so you don’t have to worry about this process.

 Check out available seats now!

Your Offshore Team With The Tech (SaaS)

Freelancers vs. Full-Time employees’ accountability

Your Offshore Team With The Tech (SaaS)

We were reluctant to find freelancers to carry out our projects. 

Because there are limited accountability tools available in the market today that these future talents can use.

 Also, you can’t be sure your talents will work with you until they meet your project objectives.

As not all freelancers have leadership qualities and show good values for their clients.

 As a client, we have to make sure freelancers will not leave us suspended in the middle of our meeting. And or achieving the deadlines of our project goals.

That’s why BPOSeats has been looking for full-time talents in the Philippines and Africa that we can rely upon on our projects wherever they are by using our accountability tools. 

This way, we have full-time employees that are assured to collaborate until the success of our projects. 

Your Offshore Team With The Tech (SaaS)

 Manual computation of payroll

Your Offshore Team With The Tech (SaaS)

The manual calculation of the payroll may give rise to some disputes, thus creating trust issues with the parties concerned.

However, time records and employee productivity rates should be quantified. 


This should ensure the one-day productivity rate corresponds to the payment received under the law.

You may wonder whether your talents are doing their job well or sitting idly in the office-based on the quality of the results they have presented. 

Poor quality works are not the expectation you envision from your talents. 

But because of the lack of non-centralized management and the lack of accountability tools, your business may have wasted time and resources for a long time paying for talent that does not produce the best of their works.

We’ve done our best practices to create a harmonious relationship with our management and talents. 

But we have realized that without accountability tools implemented, our talent’s existence is in question.

And it is the creation of technology that will efficiently manage your team’s creativity and productivity.

Your Offshore Team With The Tech (SaaS)


The tech as software solution to your offshore activities 

BPOSeats Tech thus bring together our best talents and trusted partners to create software to improve our operational efficiency with flexibility and accountability.

After tedious processes and internal tests and applications, we have discovered our software solution becomes an essential tool for tracking our team’s productivity and project management accountability.

Because each team member has given the right tools to help them improve the solutions offered. 

Tasks are done faster as talent communicates on a single platform. This results in unified collaboration and teamwork to achieve more goals.

BPOSeats’ technology mission is to drop work-related inefficiencies that some companies may not have noticed. 

Because no one has paid much detailed attention to discovering solutions to those problems.

This technology has solved our internal problems and we are indebted to share this innovation with others who we believe will benefit the most from it.

Your Offshore Team With The Tech (SaaS)

Software solution covers every fundamental aspect of your operations: Serviced Office, Human Resources, Productivity Tools, and Project Management Board.

Here we will define the innovative solutions offered by BPOSeats exclusive tech.

1. Immediate staffing solution of the Tech for remote talents

This Tech Is Your Ultimate SaaS for your Offshore Operation

The stability of the chosen talents to carry out your project is fundamental.

A careful selection of staff members is a tedious time to do. It is sometimes overwhelming to find talent nowadays. 

 Because you need to make sure every added team member has the right skills to carry out a project.

 Since you are not keen to hire freelancers, BPOSeats Job Board should be your source of finding exceptional talents to help you carry out your project goals.

Now that you have a serviced office, BPOSeats provides your exceptional workforce solution to give you the freedom to plan your next venture.

Global talent is now at your fingertips for free using our online platform. 

It is where you can tap into diverse talents in the Philippines, other parts of Asia, and South Africa.

☑️ Search among thousands of candidates on our free online platform to build your teams. Now you don’t have to post a job anywhere that requires payment.

☑️ Our accountability provides you with the assurance that every team member added becomes an asset to bring you higher benefits.

The chosen talents will become your full-time employees, who will be dedicated to providing you with the best solutions and high productivity. 


Your workforce solution works simply with the BPOSeats’ technology platform that guarantees flexibility and accountability.

Your Offshore Team With The Tech (SaaS)

2. A software tech for efficient organizational management practice

This Tech Is Your Ultimate SaaS for your Offshore Operation

To better manage your teams, your company needs a structure that guides each member to achieve something that will add value to your operation. 

And as your workforce grows, you may need to create more teams or departments to track the quality assurance of each business transaction.

Sometimes the staff increase is overwhelming, which can cause poor organizational management, especially if your internal system cannot adapt to this change. 

It could affect the productivity of your employees if not addressed immediately.

Your employees just want a seamless flow of support that follows steps as easy as 1-2-3!

BPOseats technology offers an efficient solution to manage your organization with flexibility and accountability.

We have incorporated a country-specific human resources policy with a single and powerful tool to track every stage of your project’s progress.

 Employees work under our corporate umbrella to ensure they provide you with the best options for your personalized solutions.

Organizational Management presents you with a BOARD where talents and projects are creatively and productively developed.

Because the Tech believes that communication is vital to the involvement of every team member, we have developed a FORUM tool that records messages within the technology.

So that no interaction is spared and full transparency is declared.

It discouraged irrelevant private communications to avoid seclusion and misunderstandings about the company’s vision.

☑️ The talents chosen are not freelancers but 100% dedicated collaborators who will work for you until the project’s successful completion.

☑️ Creating a team and department with its leaders to supervise the flow of operations takes place in the system, which also defines the role of each member.

☑️Organizational management is essential to ensure that each team member performs the assigned task with integrity.

It also ensures every employee exercises and enforces that company policy.

As a result, a united team will bring more value and productivity to your company.

 3. Quicker recruitment solution and technology access

BPOSeats' Tech ~ Is Your Ultimate SaaS for your Offshore Operation

People can come and go with companies so quickly these days.

And for that reason, create another strenuous job for your HR team to recruit as often as possible. 

Recruitment offers a way to harness talent and companies around the world to work with each other using an online platform today.

But the stakes are too high because the market is too large to meet your company’s specific needs.

The hiring of mismatched talent causes wasting the company’s time and resources.

This is part of the business inefficiency recognized by BPOSeats’ technology.

Thus, we offer you our 100% free online job platform where you can drop the cost of hiring diverse talents.

 ☑️ The Tech will show SPECIFIC and PROVEN SKILLS needed to provide tailor-made solutions for your business.

 ☑️ Communicate with your chosen candidates with one click. You don’t even have to come to the Philippines!

Now you can rely on employees to deliver advanced results that match your specific business needs or target.

Leverage on the untapped potential of the diverse talent from Asia and South Africa.

Your Offshore Team With The Tech (SaaS)

 4. Time-Tracking accountability tools in one technology for remote team

Your Offshore Team With The Tech (SaaS)

You are interested in leveraging global talent but skeptical of employee responsibility to work with you because of our different time zones.

 We get that.

You know you can take advantage of the different time zones of your remote  employees running your business.

As someone is making a profit while you sleep!

So how can you make sure your employees work together creatively and productively without your presence?”


Here’s the tech’s solution. 

Time-tracking and accountability are one of the exclusive features of BPOseats technology.

We know that as an investor, you highly demand accountability from your employees, to whom you pour with your resources to leverage their talents.

Our time-tracking system allows you to pay only the official time worked by your employees. They cannot bill you for working hours unless they are logged into the system.

 ☑️ Besides monitoring the productivity of employees at work, we collect random screenshots from their desktop monitors to take measures on how they spend their time completing your project.

 ☑️ A pie chart summarizes the applications most used by your employees for the entire payroll period. In this way, you can assess the daily focus of your employees towards achieving your goals.


☑️ When your employee visits restricted websites such as Facebook or Twitter, a message will pop up on their screen reminding them that they are accessing prohibited websites.

Otherwise, they will be disconnected and deactivated!

Full transparency and accountability of your global talents within BPOSeats’ all-in-one technology solution. 

Now you can take advantage of our different time zones because your business will operate continuously with the high productivity and integrity of your chosen employees.

 Get access to the BPOSeats Time Tracking & Accountability now!


5. Free Job Board for talent search This Tech Is Your Ultimate SaaS for your Offshore Operation

 Is your company still paying for online platforms to post job vacancies?

 How is it going, anyway?

 How effective is it in hiring the right candidate?

 You want full-time employees, not freelancers.

 Now, have you determined that this is just another expense of your business that does not bring you much economic benefit?

 Discover BPOSeats #1 Job Board, where your company and the right candidates come together to negotiate. 

Candidates post their online resumes on the platform for free, and as your company’s employer or recruiting manager, simply schedule a meeting with them whenever it suits you!

 ☑️ Our goal is to allow you to post job offers and search for the right candidates for your desired teams.

 ☑️ Since candidates’ video CVs contain information about their education and skill, you can now easily select the outstanding member of your team on the platform with one click!

 A video resume is convenient for both parties – applicants and your company present yourselves on the platform.

 You no longer have to pay for many online platforms that don’t guarantee you will find the right candidate to help you with your business.

The tech provides you with the right talents- full-time to support you in your projects.

Your Offshore Team With The Tech (SaaS)

 6. Central messaging system for your remote team

BPOSeats' Tech ~ Is Your Ultimate SaaS for your Offshore Operation

The messaging system has gone from simpler to more complex in the past decades.

Become easier and more sophisticated as modern technology provides different platforms to organize our communication formally or informally.


To further develop your business, a central messaging system is essential to convey information to employees in every department. 


And every business should use a single messaging system that offers the convenience of accessing information with flexibility and accountability so that everyone is on the same page with every project development.


BPOSeats’ proprietary messaging system holds your teams accountable to each other for working towards the completion of your project goals.

Besides, they are required to keep you updated on any progress they have made.


☑️ No more unproductive conversations with coworkers wasting company time and resources.

As a CEO or decision-maker, you want to make sure your employees support a high degree of transparency and loyalty to your company.


We believe these values are key to achieving better results for any work an employee can do to give back to you.


☑️ Our messaging system integrates seamlessly with project management to keep you updated on any progress toward the timeline goal.


A crucial messaging system that sends you the trumpet of success!


7. 24/7 Expert IT and admin live support  

Your Offshore Team With The Tech (SaaS)

A strong partnership with your employees depends on the culture and values that you pursue with them.

Employees can feel appreciated and supported by the company when their basic needs are met, especially when they need help. 


It is your responsibility to provide your employees with the right tools and expert support whenever a technical outage occurs. serviced offices provide 24/7 internal IT and administrative support to your employees at no extra cost.

There’s no need to call another service provider who you don’t even know is available when your employees need help.


Proven in-house experts will work with you 24/7 to make sure you have immediate support at hand.


☑️ Ensuring the needs of your talents so they only focus on completing your project goals.


☑️ Now you can count on employees to deliver advanced results that work for your specific business needs because you have provided them with the right tools and immediate support.


No matter where you are in the world, your talents work across their time zones with flexibility and accountability.

We offer you these extra benefits to bring you greater value. Because our excellent partnership is more than a business.


8. Your offshore tech payroll suite special feature 

BPOSeats' Tech ~ Is Your Ultimate SaaS for your Offshore Operation

Besides the grueling task of human resources, the payroll of your employees is another important task that your workforce constantly monitors.

An accurate calculation of salaries and wages is essential in providing credibility and transparency for both parties.


Base salary, extra pay, mandatory bonuses, taxes or loan deductions, and more are a few of the entries found on the employees’ pay slips.


But are you certain your payroll staff is doing all the math correctly?


Are you convinced that you are paying your employees the right to compensation, yet productivity results do not match your expectations?


Do you need more time to understand how you did things with less precision?


Maybe it’s time to consider moving to the BPOSeats’ Payroll Suite!


The internal time-tracking system records the data needed to calculate your employees’ payroll.

Employees must log in to our desktop and/or mobile tracking app to officially start their billable working hours.


Random screenshots of their computer screens will keep their attention creating your project goals.

As a result, you can no longer pay for the unproductive time your employees spend in the office.


☑️ The system puts accountability first, as employees must log in at the start of the day and log out after tasks are completed.

Lunch breaks are defined in the system according to the employee’s shift schedule.


☑️ The BPOSeats monitoring system acts as an attendance register of your employees, so you can take your burden off by monitoring your team’s punctuality.


Unapproved time off or undertime is recorded in the system due to the transparency of the time tracking tool showing the missing total hours worked for the day.

HR personnel now have easier access to track such violations and issue alerts for explanations.


Your most accurate payroll tool to match the productivity and accountability of your talents exclusive from BPOSeats Payroll Suite.


9. A Single tool for your HRIS  (Human Resources Information System)

Your Offshore Team With The Tech (SaaS)

Are you still browsing your employees’ 201 files from their folders in heavy boxes?

You may have realized that there is something easier to do with a task like this.




Since employee information and performance reviews are tracked every time, you need an online platform that stores your employee data which, when you need it, will be in one click!


Browse through your employee’s 210 files with BPOSeats’ online HRIS system.

Gone are the tedious days of searching for files on heavy-duty cabinets that take up a lot of your time and resources.


☑️ This online feature gives you the ability to update contracts, add performance reviews, or add a perfect attendance bonus.

Offer a raise or promotion and record prerequisite documents such as the resume, mandatory government clearances, medical certificate, and others.


☑️ Signed documents or contracts before you engage in your talents are in the system to establish credibility and transparency on both sides.

Furthermore, company policies and penalties for minor or serious violations are clearly defined.


Because our online HRIS integrates with our project management, you can ensure that every employee is held accountable to work productively with you every day until your goals are successful.


Redefine your entire HRIS system now with one powerful ecosystem.


10. Quick scheduling for remote work 

BPOSeats' Tech ~ Is Your Ultimate SaaS for your Offshore Operation

Determine the work schedule of your employees to meet your company’s demanding market.

If you operate 24/7, your employees can follow different shift schedules to address the needs of your growing clients or consumers.


Although most businesses, especially the call center industry, use a phone system that employees use to serve its attendance log and record what they do with their schedules.

It is not yet possible to track its accuracy, as some employees might forget to enter their activities into the system.


As a result, your company is likely to pay more for employees who don’t keep their schedules and don’t even do productive work in your office.


Since payroll is one of your company’s resource expenditures, BPOSeats technology cannot continue to allow employees to manipulate schedules.

The technology alerts your employees when they don’t stick to their schedule to warn them it’s ruining their productivity and pays.


☑️ The work inefficiency that our powerful technology fixes with the built-in tracking system that stops employees’ billable hours when their computer screens are idle for extended periods without giving you information about what they are doing.


☑️ If employees have performed some other task beyond their computer screens, they can submit a time log issue with an explanation of the inactivity issue.


The goal of providing our customers with the best product or service delivered on time depends on employees’ schedule adherence from the start of work hours, break time, and closing time.


BPOSeats technology focuses on a win-win employee-employer solution so that salaries and wages offset productivity and responsibility.


11.  Accounting system with the help of offshore tech

BPOSeats' Tech ~ Is Your Ultimate SaaS for your Offshore Operation

No company undermines the value of accounting principles in running their business.

As resources run out over time, you want to make sure that every expense you make is well thought out and should give you something in return.


Adherence to standard accounting principles is essential for your business and it is your primary responsibility to present solid financial statements to your shareholders to make decisions.


The entire BPOSeats ecosystem offers flexibility and accountability for your business transactions.

Pay only for the official working time of your talents and the facilities they have used on a particular project.


☑️ Regardless of the number of your expenses, the system will provide you with supporting documents for each transaction carried out.

And because our solutions are customizable, you can even lower your operating costs, as most industries always want to.


☑️ BPOSeats’ built-in tools ensure that every penny you spend offers greater value and economic benefits in both the short and long term goals of your business


A careful valuation of your assets, liabilities, and capital is much easier as BPOSeats tech will help you increase your cash flow, reduce your expenses.

Furthermore, increase your retained earnings, so you can scale your business to a wider audience.


Your strong financial statements are a snapshot of your company’s success.


12. Labor code pre-approved employment contract for offshore team


Any private entity doing business in a foreign country follows stricter government regulations.

The importance of finding a trusted local partner will surely help you get rid of these inconveniences when starting a business in the Philippines.


Although there are thousands of industries offering a variety of services, how can you be sure they are certainly helping you?


BPOSeats provides exclusive legal services to its clients doing business in the Philippines.

Proven experience in human resource management and legal issues in Philippine labor laws are our guiding principles in all our business transactions.


☑️ We have helped hundreds of foreign entities to follow their requirements to legally set up their business in the country.

Because BPOSeats want you to start selling your products and services quickly, you can use our contract management expertise to tie your business to your chosen talent.


☑️ Automated contracts for the onboarding of your talents to ensure you have full-time employees by your side until the end of your project.

And continue to tap into your diverse talents as we update their contracts for every project you create.


Employment contracts for talent not living in the Philippines are also structured by BPOSeats technology to ensure that their rights and opportunities are highly protected.

13. Your offshore team with a single tech and the right pricing


Call us right now to grow your business as the prices of BPOSeats products and services are 50% lower than others. 


We bring powerful technology to your company that implements accountability and flexibility at a reasonable cost so you can quickly scale your business with ease.


☑️ Because BPOSeats products and services are customizable, giving you only the specific skills and solutions that don’t need long-term agreement.


☑️ Now you can perfectly balance your specific business needs with your resources!


Change the traditional way of managing your business’s critical operations.


Experience this innovative software solution that works!


Like, you can now efficiently manage your resources, increase the productivity of your talents, and quickly grow your business!


Not just your customized serviced office because offering the entire business solution is the fabric!


Your outsourcing needs are answered thanks to BPOSeats proprietary technological intelligent solutions.


Your Offshore Team With The Tech (SaaS)


Your Offshore Team With The Tech (SaaS) is a technology start-up company based in Cebu Philippines. With trusted partners and remote employees working 24 hours a day from the United States and Africa.  

Hence, the Tech is a product of preparing your offshore team with digital innovation and promoting diversity at the workplace.

And to support your commitment for a long-term growth, business efficiency, and sustainability.  

Learn more about how your offshore team can get access to the tech’s flexibility and accountability today!

Your Offshore Team With The Tech (SaaS)

Learn More!







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