How to manage your 201 files in a click?

Online HRIS to Handle Your 201 Files in a Click

Looking to improve your company’s efficiency in managing your employees’ data? Then you need BPOSeats online HRIS to manage your employees’ 201 files in a click.

As head of your HR department, can you provide at any second some employment information requested by your boss or employee?

Or perhaps you need more time…

Therefore, you need an online HRIS to manage your employees’ 201 files in a click.

What is an online HRIS?

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a software solution used for data entry, data tracking, and the data management of an organization’s people.

There’s a better way to organize your organization’s information through an online tool called HRIS.

Because managing your employees’ 201 files can be a challenge without an online platform. 

As your team grows, your organization’s efficiency should go all the way. 

BPOSeats online HRIS tool for 201 filing

Online HRIS to Handle Your 201 Files in a Click

Keeping your employees’ 201 data can be overwhelming.

Without a tool to store and simplify employees’ information can be stressful, especially when your business or employee requested it. 

BPOSeats online HRIS tool records your employees’ 201 data from the moment they apply for a position, hiring, and signing an employment contract.

Hiring the right talent to work for your company is already a daunting task.

And as your diverse workforce continues to grow, your primary responsibility is to maintain your employees’ information in a secure online facility.

Collecting data to use for future business decision-making requires systematic organization.

Online HRIS vs. Manual 201 Filing 

Traditionally, companies of all sizes have been familiar with filing employee documents on paper.

Then keep them in their tired old rooms or lockers. 

So when an employee inquires about their employment status, the HR staff has to spend hours on bulky stuff just to find a single piece of information. 

This is not an outstanding job to keep going.

While it is essential to keep a hard copy, finding information on these documents should be as easy as clicking!

BPOSeats online HRIS tool helps your company reduce the burden of maintaining your employees’ data. 

The monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) is also reflected in the system. 

So, as the decision-maker of the company, you can know which employees are productive and which ones are just taking a toll on your resources without being held accountable.

Underperforming employees receive a notice explaining the reasons for non-performance of duties and responsibilities. 

In addition, the system records violations of company policies by employees with a click!

This online facility stores data for promotions and employee resignations. 

Feedback on the project and or the business management is here. 

A personnel change notice form is available to use in the system to seamlessly log changes to employee data.


Online HRIS to Handle Your 201 Files in a Click

Storing your employees’ confidential data is one of your legal compliance with the local government. 

With BPOSeats’ online HRIS tool, you can ensure that data integrity is secured. 

And employees’ data is maintained efficiently and completely.

Do you want to improve your company’s efficiency in managing your employees’ data? 

Here’s how to manage your 201 files in a click!

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