Why Building Global Team Is Better Than Freelancers

Why Building Global Team Is Better Than Freelancers  BPOSeats TechFreelancers or full-time talents? Let us explore how building a global team is key to your outsourcing business sustainability and scalability that’s way better than hiring freelancers.

Yet, is it even possible for your company to build a global team? FAQ


Today, any BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company has access to leverage global and affordable remote teams to provide them with customized business solutions.

While freelancers have flooded many online platforms today by offering their various skills, your business, however, needs stability from your remote teams.

You want to make sure your talents are always by your side because your business runs 24/7.

That is why BPOSeats has developed online tools where any offshore business can rely upon to find full-time global teams with flexibility, accountability, and supporting diversity.

Scalema ~ to select a diverse professionals to offer customized business solutions

Scalema is an online platform that offers your outsourcing business access from 1 to 1000 proven skilled professionals. 

Do you need a customized website? 

A marketing team? 

A writer? 

Virtual assistants? 

Graphic designers, etc.?

No hassle. 

We’ll prepare them for you to offer customized business solutions. 

So, how do you do that?

The global team is your full-time trusted partners using BPOSeats Tech

Why Building Global Team Is Better Than Freelancers

Through BPOSeats unique technology ~ you can now create global teams reporting directly to your chosen managers or supervisors in a team.

Thus, your global team is your trusted and full-time employees in making your vision a reality.

Your trusted partner offers their best solutions and you decide which one you think is most beneficial for your business.

They are happy to help you with anything your business might need. 

They are not afraid to ask questions to discover your needs and come up with your desired solutions.  

Because they are global partners, you can take advantage of their diverse talents and experiences that they can share with you and help create more affordable and sustainable solutions.

Accountability tools of your trusted partners  

Why Building Global Team Is Better Than Freelancers

Organizational Management is our tool for structuring your global teams. 

While they work for you, the BPOSeats tech monitors them through the apply BPO Time Tracker application to ensure productivity and accountability from your trusted partners wherever you are.

Also, the BPOSeats HRIS online tool tracks the attendance, productivity, and future roles of your global teams.

Easily track communication, KPIs (Key Performance Indicator), and other review tools to keep your offshore business and the global team engaged. 

Why Building Global Team Is Better Than Freelancers Conclusion

Harnessing global talent is more than ever one of the most effective ways to grow your business.

You can grow in a larger market today because your global teams will do it for you! 

Globally competitive talent pool to provide the most cost-effective and personalized solutions from startup to scaleup!

Everything you need in one BPOSeats technology ~ because your global team produces better results than freelancing!

Start building your global team now!

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