PAYROLL SOLUTIONS FOR BPO COMPANIES IN THE PHILIPPINES knows how difficult and time constraining creating a legal business or executing Payroll to one’s employees can be for a company. Over the years has formed extensive business relationships with the top banking institutions and government agencies in the Philippines alongside our legal staff to help our clients seamlessly streamline the process of creating a legal business here in the Philippines. We allow companies and clients to affordably and promptly pay their employees correctly in line with government regulations.


We also do BPO Payroll solutions.  For this service, we require the hiring of 1 full-time HR staff who will handle the legal elements of your payroll and facilitate communication between our company and your workers.

We have several clients working with us who avail of this service.

What we do for others is hire their employees under an Independent Contractor Agreement (it also is referred to as a Project-Based Employment.)  It’s basically six months of contracted work wherein the workers’ project is clearly described and the expectations of the relationship are set.  Payroll, leave, and absences (as well as bonuses) are set to your expectations and can be handled whatever way you prefer (as long as it is legal.)  I have can provide a generic copy of the contract we use for employees upon request.  

The next step is a contract is created between your party and our business.  And then the agents are legally hired under our business.

As legal Project-Based Employees you can be a bit creative with how it works and decide if you actually want to extend them benefits (PAG-IBIG, SSS, PhilHealth, etc.)  We have a lot of experience doing this and likely can easily transition from what you’re currently doing.  We also can give advice if you’d like.

In order for us to legally do the payroll, we charge a 1-month deposit for every employee and 15% commission of each payroll period from their salary.  We do this for some large clients and have gotten the system down quite well.  Amanda would be the young woman who is in the video for – and having grown up in Cebu she is great at meeting with all the agents and clarifying all their needs and expectations to ensure a seamless transition.

We provide you a very clear spreadsheet upon billing cycles that clearly outlines the payroll for each worker so there is absolutely no confusion, and example from an existing client is below (with sensitive information redacted for confidentiality:)

We offer all other BPO services as well: hiring, managed solution, legal.  Please let us know if there are additional ways we can assist.

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