BPOSeats.com’s recruitment and staffing service help clients to take a shorter and more convenient way to fill their businesses with people to engage in operations immediately.

Our recruitment and staffing department has solid years of experience in the areas of recruitment, hiring, and training professional employees to fit into the needed roles. Over the years, the department has successfully connected to a vast network that could seamlessly introduce and get on board top-tier professionals for business needs.

We also help clients to model out and actualize outsourcing business in the Philippines given the advantage of our experience and network. BPOSeats.com’s solutions are widely an encompassing package that addresses major concerns of businesses.

Process of recruitment and staffing:

Clients reach and collaborate with the HR department regarding the need for people to fill in the desire positions of one whole workforce.

After the collaboration, clients should provide or indicate the following information:

Job description(s)

— The general duties and functions of the role


— The general or necessary qualities or skills for the position


— The clear and precise enumeration of essential tasks on a daily basis.


— The additional goods ought to be given such as government-mandated advantages, HMOs, allowances, etc.


— Days of work, hours of work, and break time

After indicating the necessary information and keen clarification, the finalization of the job will take place. Consequently, the HR department creates job postings on Applybpo.com.

Clients can gain access to Applybpo.com and can view job postings. They can double-check and modify the indicate information upon request to the HR management.

Same with clients, both the general public and applicants can access, view, and apply once they have signed up on the website.

The HR management gathers a certain roster of chosen applicants and endorses it to the client. The clients then decide whether to hire the whole roster or select a few candidates from the roster to complete a workforce.

After necessary arrangements between the client and the HR management, the provision of contracts and necessary employment procedures will follow before engaging in the business operations. The training of employees will begin as soon as the schedule is communicated to the newly-hired employees.

Please provide the necessary information below and a message containing your questions should you desire to avail of our service. We will answer them as soon as possible.

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