BPOSeats.com’s IT and technical department is one of the most essential, functional, and reliable departments to support and bolster businesses in their continuing operations. We have a team that is consisted of highly experienced and knowledgeable people whose central focus is the technical aspects of business and its related concerns.

Key roles and functions:

Assist and troubleshoot any problem with computers


— The IT and technical support team is completely mindful of the conditions of the hardware parts of desktop and laptop computers. Thus, they have the knowledge and expertise to assist and troubleshoot problems that may occur at unexpected times.

The team is entirely dedicated to set up and ensure the functionality of all the hardware facilities in every office’s workstations (HDD, mouses, keyboards, printers, routers, etc.). Furthermore, we have spare parts and adjustment tools for undesirable instances when computers require replacements.


— The team installs and configures necessary software according to the client’s preference for a specification. In addition, the team troubleshoots problems that may occur upon the usage of any software.

Facility performance

— The team develops and maintains local networks so as to optimize the facilities’ performance. Roundup checking happens to check the condition and ensure functionality.

The middleman between customers and building administrators

— The team is the chief responsible for collaborating with building administrators concerning the details and extensive usage of the portions of the building when installations of facilities take place. They are the people who answer, evaluate, and clarify thoroughly the needs and the means to achieve the technical solutions for business operations.

Point of contact from other departments

— The team is the “go-to” department for anything technical, especially concerning computers and devices. It is their professional expertise, advice, and assistance that are most required when problems arise within the zone of technical aspects.

Point of contact from client to management

— The IT and technical team is also the main contact when clients raise questions and concerns which are specific to their preferred setup and modifications provided that certain issues are at work in the technical areas of concern. The team consequently relays the questions and concerns raised by the client to the management.

CCTV, biometrics, and other security measures

— The team is also in charge of installation, updating, troubleshooting, and maintaining CCTVs and biometric devices. In addition, the team ensures the security and privacy of networks and computer systems by installing programs designed to disable suspicious access and not work-related activities being done in computers.

Client’s point of contact through chat and email

— Clients can directly message the technical support team through Skype chat or email to inform concerns and questions or anything that belongs to the technical aspect of the business. In this way, the technical team could answer questions and resolve problems.

Assist clients during site visits

— The IT and technical team, with extensive experience and knowledge about the technical aspects of the business, could assist clients when necessary site visits happen. The team’s presence is very much valuable in communicating and explaining the general setup of the technical structure of the business.

One of the 24/7 departments

— The IT and technical support department allocates all the necessary time and resources to ensure the functionality of the technical aspect of the business. Entirely dedicated to being in service, the team is the most agreeable and itself a flexible solution in providing functional and reliable facilities for businesses.

Please provide the necessary information below and a message containing your questions should you desire to avail of our service. We will answer them as soon as possible.

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