Cebu Call Center Cheatsheet

Cebu Business Park Seat Leasing Option
Cebu Business Park Seat Leasing Option

The following is a list of definitions of useful terms surrounding the Call  Center Industry – specifically in Cebu Philippines

Call Center Office
A Call Center Office is simply an office where the nature of the business is people on phone calls.

Call Center
A Call Center can be used interchangeably with “Call Center Office” and is a place of business where people are generally making or receiving calls, or both, AKA outbound or inbound, respectively.

Outbound Campaign
An Outbound Campaign is a business operation where calls are being placed by the call center agents. There are many examples of outbound campaigns and many are focused on sales.

Inbound Campaign
An Inbound Campaign is a business operations where phone calls are being received. There are many examples of inbound campaigns. Many inbound campaigns are focused on customer service.

US Campaign
“US campaign” or “UK campaign” in the Philippines generally refers to the country being serviced, but furthermore, the schedule that the agents will have due to the difference in timezones.

Night Differential

Night Differential or “Shift Differential” generally refers to the increased amount a business will pay to it’s agents who work during atypical or night hours.

Call Center Agent
A call center agent is a person who works on the phones for the bulk of their shift. There are many variations of call center agents such as: telemarketers & customer service representatives.

CSR = Customer Service Representatives
Customer Service Representatives in the BPO world are generally the people who receive inbound phone calls and respond to customer requests and complaints.

Cebu City
Cebu City is the 2nd most populous city in the Philippines. Cebu is known to be a major hub for BPO activity, tourism and culture.

Ayala Center Cebu
Ayala Center Cebu is a large mall with an open terraced garden area that is considered one of the major social centers of the city, located within Cebu Business Park.

Cebu Business Park
Cebu Business Park is one of the major centers of commerce in Cebu which contains dozens of commercial buildings as well as a large mall called Ayala Center Cebu is a Cebu Call Center seat leasing service provider. BPOseats focuses on:
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BPO Careers - Cebu, Philippines
BPO Careers – Cebu, Philippines

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