BPO Careers - Cebu, Philippines

Seat leasing Cebu has a #1 Choice and it’s BPOSeats.com, check our video:


Custom build solutions for seat leasing Cebu needs

Check our video above to see that it’s not just the seats – we offer so much more.  With full recruitment solutions for your BPO needs, we offer you everything you need to get going.

Our fully customization solutions mean you can get started with a brand new white-labeled BPO perfect for your needs.  We have all the experience with over 4000 seats across 4 locations.  Our space can be built to accommodate:

  • 24/7 Operations and Needs

    BPOSeats.com offers Conference Rooms and Shared Amenities as well as exclusive build-outs.
    BPOSeats.com offers Conference Rooms and Shared Amenities as well as exclusive build-outs.
  • PCI Compliance
  • PEZA specs
  • Customized exclusive rooms and facilities: HR rooms, CEO rooms, IT rooms, training rooms, reception areas, sleeping rooms, nursing stations

Our offices in Cebu offer everything you need to get going, and we can customize floor-plans to incorporate what else you need.  But it doesn’t just end there, we can install amenities that you need:

  • CCTV
  • Bio-Scanner
  • Lockers
  • Raised areas for team-leads or supervisors
  • IT rooms
  • Full Mirrored glass solutions for PCI Compliance
  • Customized data/control center solutions for PCI Compliance
  • Covered managed switch solutions for PCI Compliance
  • Sound dampening on walls and cubicles
  • Carpet tiling for added noise reduction

We have handled hundreds of clients over the years of our existing, helping some grow from 5 seats up to 500+.  We provide custom solutions for everyone we work with and won’t stop until we achieve the perfect solution.  Every client we worth with is informed that their facility is custom to them.

Seat leasing Cebu solutions is our primary model; however, with our recruitment efforts and customization of floor-space, you will be quick to see the major difference with BPOSeats.com.  We just begin with seats, and the we provide fully customized solutions to ensure the growth and success of your business.



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