Call Center Seats Cebu Chronicles

Episode 2.
Finding The Right Staff

In case you missed “Call Center Seats Cebu Chronicles: Episode 1-
Finding The Right Place to Rent” here’s a quick recap:

Hank runs a call center in Cebu.

Hank is dissatisfied with the office building he is renting.

Hank searches for a better Call Center Cebu seat leasing option using the good ol’ search engine, Google.

Hank finds has excellent online reviews.

Hank find BPOseats to be a total solution for his needs.

Hank quickly transfers his operations to a brand spanking new BPOseats Ayala Center Cebu facility within 2 weeks of finding the

Hank is a happy man.

Now that you are up to speed on Hank’s BPO journey so far, let’s see what other shenanigans we can get into with Hank.


Hank’s business is focused on virtual assistants. These virtual assistants work with Hank inside his Ayala Center Cebu office, which he leasees from Hank only hires the best virtual assistants he can and he is a stickler for quality.

Hank soon learns that hiring great people to match his clients’ demand is starting to take about 40% of his time. Hank decides that it’s time that he hires an HR Director to take the burden off of himself and allow him to focus on growing the business by pulling in more clients.

Hank consults with BPOseats about how to find a great  HR Director. The management at BPOseats suggest to use BPOseat’s very own online recruitment platform to find an excellent match by scanning video interviews of Cebu based BPO workers.

Hank is delighted to find a person named Holly on the recruitment platform with years of experience as an HR Director in a major BPO that is looking for a new opportunity.

Hank requests an interview and upon meeting and interviewing her makes her a generous offer on the spot.

Holly accepts Hanks offer.

Holly and Hank are both very happy.

It’s a “win-win” situation for Holly and Hank.

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