BPOseats.com is the biggest Seat Leasing/Serviced Office provider in Cebu City with over 4,000 seats across four facilities.

If you are looking for a fast, easy, and affordable seat leasing solution in Cebu, look no further. BPOseats.com is the one you’re looking for. Our clients can definitely tell that our Call Center offices look professional and exclusive. Rightfully so, for we have invested a lot of our own resources to give them the best seat leasing service. Whether it be 5 or even a thousand seats, we accommodate to your every need. All our clients can be assured of the privacy and efficiency we can offer.

Countless managed offices and seat leasing options can be found in Cebu, but not all of them truly care about their clients. Let us take you on a tour of all our 4 facilities spread across the city and see for yourself how we truly value each of our clients.

Several factors have to be considered in ensuring the company’s success in venturing into the BPO industry. Having a decent working space as your office is one of those. Not only do we provide each of our clients exclusive 24/7 office space but also provide them the best internet in the country!

Connectivity is the heart of the BPO industry. We understand how significant it is to have only the best internet connection for your company. That’s why we invest heavily in our internet because we understand how important connectivity is.

BPOseats.com is currently working on a new technology to help you save time on recruitment for your job vacancies. Recruitment can be time-consuming and frustrating at times and so we decided to come up with a creative solution to assist our clients in dealing with their HR needs.

So please do not hesitate to come give us a call. Visit one of our sites and we’d be happy to meet you.

Cebu's Best Seat Leasing Provider
Cebu’s Best Seat Leasing Provider

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