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BPOSeats.com has positioned itself to be the #1 seat leasing provider in the country. In over 4 years they already accumulated at least 4000+ seats and 100 offices with one aim and that is to be the best seat leasing provider in the country. We are the  #1 seat leasing provider in Cebu wherein clients can have an easy track on managing and starting their business in the bpo industry. Providing back office support and leasing business operations helped to attract people who wants technology companies to set up in Cebu first.

Here at BPOSeats.com, the main priority is how to get the clients settled  in no time and less hassle. We cater to your needs and provide what is utmost needed for your business to thrive. We basically provide everything from chairs to an internet connection that has probably the fastest speed in the country. We make sure that you have everything you need that suit the comfort of your business work flow. Being the #1 seat leasing provider in the country, our clients are given the most precise and utmost care for the seats that they are leasing and we make sure they get their money’s worth as well. 

Being able to get the services of the BPOSeats.com, means that you are putting your business in a spot where it can grow and be competitive with other businesses out there.  Being the #1 seat leasing provider, we offer you the latest innovation trend when it comes to seat leasing. We do all the hustling for you. From seats, spaces, recruitment, payroll and all other stuff needed to run and get your business going; we’ve got it all going for you.

For questions and inquiries on how to avail our seat leasing services, please leave us a message.


+63 932 488 0404


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