To Rent an Office or to Lease BPO Seats?

Setting up remote centers and outsourcing jobs are typical trends in today’s business. A multitude of companies has worked closely with this business model. India and Philippines are two of the best places to run this type of business. Finding a suitable office space will always be critical for any company whether a start-up or already established. In the Philippines, there are a number of options to choose from. Several companies offer office spaces and BPO seats for lease.

Best Office Setup

A lot of factors have to be considered in deciding which office setup is the best. These include basic facilities such as internet connectivity, accessibility, security, among others. In putting up the business together, a start-up company has to look more into their available budget, the number of employees to hire and the size of the office space. For companies on a tight budget, seat leasing and renting an office space come to mind.

Office space rental

Businesses are allowed to alter their working area when an office space is rented. They can decide whether to revamp the whole office setup or add a few modifications. Spaces are fully customizable. An ideal working environment can be made based on their preferences. It seems like a better option if the company has a large number of employees and gearing up for a rapid growth. However, startups are not assured of rapid growth and it may take time. With a minimal budget at hand, company owners have to be smart in making the best of what they’ve got. Renting an office have a minimum duration of seven years. Advance payments, equipment, construction materials and legal requirements will have to be paid for. A startup company will have a hard time making both ends meet.

Seat Leasing with

A lesser amount of money is needed with seat leasing. Businesses can start their campaigns right away. This option is ideal for small scale businesses. Any number of seats can be availed with seat leasing. Clients are encouraged to add more seats to promote growth. This would require their clients to take in more seats, which means additional business for the seat leasing providers.

Flexible Terms

Flexible terms are made with seat leasing. After a one-month advance payment, the company can start operations right away. Termination of contracts can be done easily as well. All-in-one packages are readily available for clients. Providers have almost everything set up for you for a low monthly rate. Some companies would opt to have their spaces divided accordingly. Clients in the same building share conference rooms, pantries, and washrooms with other lessees. Otherwise, separate rooms along with other amenities can be created for them. Set up your business now!

In, clients are assured of a professional working environment. Please leave a comment below or leave a message in our ‘Contact Us’ section to know more about the advantages has to offer.

Setting up an Office Space
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