Having a conducive area for work in a BPO setting is critical. But more than just a space, they also have to be capable of providing the tools needed in running a campaign. Numerous businessmen have set their sight in opening a business in the BPO sector after seeing its huge potential and large demand. Looking for a suitable place to settle the business can be a headache. Add up to that the many costs associated with renting a commercial space. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A seat leasing service is the solution to that problem.

Seat leasing services is an ideal setup for companies starting out in the BPO world. BPOSeats.com is the fastest growing seat leasing service provider in all of Cebu, with over 4 years of experience. We have over 4,000 seats spread across 4 locations around Metro Cebu. All facilities across 4 locations are PEZA accredited so can be ensured of the excellent service. Our facilities also boast a fast and reliable fiber optic connection with speeds of up to 100 mbps from a dual service provider.

BPOSeats.com will definitely not hold you over a long contract. Our terms are flexible and we will not force you to keep going with your business if it’s not doing well. The number of seats you can avail will range from 5 or even a thousand. You can the look of the office changed according to your vision. Our crew would be glad to have them altered to your liking. No extra cost shall be incur. Air conditioning, furnishings, and brand new computers are even included in the package. Our own dedicated team of IT experts are always present to help you with technical issues. Do not burden yourself from the many expenses of renting a commercial space on your own. For a low price starting at $99 monthly per seat, get your money’s worth and give us a call now!

Flexible and Reliable - That's BPOSeats!

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