Convenience and function are needed to make the best office for your BPO operations. BPOSeats.com com has over 4, 000 seats available for lease, making us the biggest provider in Cebu. Our offices are located in ACC Tower, GAGFA Tower, JDN IT Park Square, and Capitol Site. Over 100+ exclusive 24/7 offices can be rented. With this they have reached an efficiency as the best office hire solution. Other lease providers would demand huge deposits for its service. With us, we’ll only ask for an initial one-month deposit and you’re all set to start.

No bare space here

We offer customized office setups. You can have more rooms added if you like. You can be assured that you will not be getting a bare office space. Chairs, tables and IT equipment are included in the price. Only brand new and functioning computers are allocated for each seat. We even offer 24/7 IT support on top of that. Cleaning services are also provided to promote wellness in the working area. Sanitary comfort rooms and pantries are accessible.


Long term contracts are something we avoid from imposing on our clients. We want to keep flexibility the #1 goal of BPOSeats.com. We won’t force you to stay long with us if you think our services aren’t good enough. Campaigns change often and so we try to be as flexible for our clientele. Several companies have taken under our wing and they’ve been with us since the beginning. That is a testament to our committed service.

BPOSeats.com offers affordable prices. Our competitors would charge you high amounts without even giving you the value for your money. With us, you get more than what you paid for. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to hear from you!

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