BPOseats.com continuously improves and expands it operation to serve more clients. Brand new office spaces for call center companies are now available for lease in our site in Cebu Business Park. This is PRIME REAL ESTATE at its best and BPOseats.com is located in this area. Efficient and quality office spaces await for our clients packaged in the most affordable way possible.


Seat Leasing is a great alternative option to renting. Call centers looking to expand or even get started should opt for this affordable option for it does not require a huge capital.  Creating your own office from scratch is very time consuming.   Why burden your self? Let BPOseats.com lend you a helping hand in making sure you get an efficient and quality office space fit to your budget.


Offices can be built according to a client’s specifications and demands. BPOseats.com can also customize and build out offices to accommodate a larger size of their workforce.  No extra cost will be added in this type of set-up. Our newest facility in ACC Tower boasts free use of training/conference room, pantry, interview rooms, and even a nursing room. A tidy working environment is made possible by a licensed custodian so you won’t have to worry about hygiene and cleanliness. Brand new professional office chairs also comes with thew package as well. To avoid service interruptions, BPOSeats.com have installed a 24/7/365 back up generator to ensure zero downtime for your busy operations. And the best part, clients get to use the fastest internet out there with speeds of up to 100 mbps scalable to a 1 GB bandwidth.


So if you are interested in leasing at the most affordable and best price package for your business please do not hesitate to contact us directly and we would be more than happy to meet with you and show you around our facilities.

Brand New Office Spaces

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