Expansion for your larger campaigns

Campaigns need a lot of time and attention in making sure everything will operational. As you start your campaign, you had everything ready. A predetermined number of seats is allocated for it.  But soon as the campaign starts scaling up, more seats shall be needed to cope with the growing demand. Don’t fret! BPOSeats.com got you covered.

BPOSeats.com takes seat leasing to a whole new level.


Clients need more seats as the campaign starts to scale up. When operations have outgrown their facility, making use of a few number of seats just won’t do. As a key player in the business, we have more than our 4000+ seats across 4 facilities, to our name. We take pride in coming up with innovative BPO solutions to maintain a good working relationship with our clientele. Our facilities continue to grow as well as we take additional floors in our existing facilities. Additional buildings will provide floor space for our growing facilities. Despite being the largest seat leasing option in Cebu, we constantly upgrade our services to make our clients satisfied.

NO  fixed contracts

Maximizing the potential of your business is what we value as your business partner. This makes the flexibility in our contracts to allow you to take serious decisions needed to maximize the potential of your business.

If you decide to discontinue your campaigns, we can end your leasing as soon as you say so. Listening to what our clients has to say is very significant on how we do our business.

Many of our clients are also expanding. Several of our office spaces are on a constant re-modification to accommodate their needs.  Long-term partnerships are what we are hoping to achieve with all our current and future clients. Keeping your company growing and being successful are our company’s goals. If you work with us, long-term growth and success are ensured.

Larger Offices for Larger Campaigns

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