Leasing vs Renting

Everyone has their own ideal working environment. But what is an ideal working environment for a BPO office? 

A BPO office must be capable of  all the necessary work needed to run a campaign. Internet speeds have to be at par with the world’s best to ensure zero downtime.

Power outages should never happen during operations or else it would hinder the campaign’s success. Electricity should be adequate enough. Equipment must also be of high quality to prevent any lag or any discrepancy on service.

For a BPO company to succeed, these significant tools and facilities must be readily available. A suitable working environment is needed to run a successful campaign.

Many would consider renting a large commercial place. Once you rent an area, all miscellaneous expenses associated with it will be shouldered also. A large capital is required with this option plus the government permits needed to be approved can be time consuming. 

And as a startup company, the meager resources you have wouldn’t be able to suffice for it. Spending all your meager resources on rent alone is not a smart business decision.

BPOSeats.com provides you the best platform

Setting up your own BPO site in Cebu is one step away to success. Numerous call centers continue to thrive in this mega city. You’re going to need an ideal working place to ensure everyone in your company.  All necessities are provided for just a low monthly rate.


For a low price starting at $99 monthly per seat, get your money’s worth and give us a call now!

BPOSeats.com is the fastest growing seat leasing service provider in Cebu. We have over 4,000+ seats available spread across 4 sites around Metro Cebu.With over 4 years in the business,  we have more than enough exprience in being a reliable business partner for your BPO operations.

Do not burden yourself from the many expenses of renting a commercial space on your own. 

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