Not too long ago, only a handful of BPO sites were operating. Fast forward to the present, hundred upon hundreds of sites are established. This industry have given Filipinos an abundant supply of jobs. BPO companies are growing at a staggering pace.


India and the Philippines have become the most sought after areas for expansion. Hundreds of BPO companies can be found in these countries. In the Philippines, Manila and Cebu are two of the leading locations for BPO operations.


Cebu is a great place to look for talented individuals. Prominent universities and colleges produce a good number of competent graduates annually. This is ideal place to set up a satellite offices for business processing. 


Unprecedented growth is seen throughout the call center industry as seen in several BPO companies operating in the country. Cebu is one of the leading cities in the world in terms of business processing.


An unprecedented growth has been seen annually, making it a powerhouse industry in the market. Setting up a BPO company would definitely make a lot of money. Given the right amount of resources, a talented pool of manpower and an ideal work setting, attaining success isn’t far from reality. can assist you in creating the ideal work setting for your business. We offer seat leasing services that covers beyond the idea of just letting a company use a space for work.


Leasing is a great alternative to renting. Leasing offers a much wider option for start-up companies. Renting can only further augment the operational cost while leasing offers better efficiency at a minimal cost. If you’re looking for a good place to start operating a call center, contact a reliable business partner. BPOSeats is your guy!


With over 4, 000 seats spread across 4 locations around Metro Cebu, we are capable of providing the support you need in establishing your own BPO company.


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