Demand for more process outsourcing continues to grow. And its not showing any signs of stopping. Cebu has always been a strong contender when it comes to process outsourcing. In Cebu Business districts are dominated with various outsourcing companies. Some of them have rented huge spaces for their companies. But for a start-up company or a seasonal campaign this just isn’t feasible. Cost of operating your office in a rented commercial space is very expensive. That’s why we encourage BPO centers to go for seat leasing instead.


BPO industry in  Cebu

Starting your own BPO business can be a great opportunity. Many BPO companies are confident in putting up their own call centers in the country. Aside from an excellent business environment, low operational cost and a a sizable crop of talented workforce present.


Who we are

Here in, we offer various BPO solutions. Seat leasing services, recruitment solutions and  24/7 exclusive office environments. Leasing options are very efficient and affordable. Excellent setting for your company can now be achieved at a lower cost. Brand new computers and IT support are also part of our affordable packages. We see to it you get the value for your money.



Locations is also an important factor in choosing the space you will be leasing. Accessibility is important to make sure clients/employees can go to work on time. All of our  call center locations are situated in major thoroughfares of the city. This ideal setting makes it an ideal address for your company.


Internet and facilities

BPOSeats facilities are PEZA accredited to ensure high quality operations. Internet speeds are very fast at 100 mbps provided by dual service providers. There will be no downtime for your business with kind of setup. Your business will definitely run smoothly.


Give us a call now and let BPOSeats help you find that office you want!


Demand for More Process Outsourcing

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