BPOSeats.com Private Office in Cebu for your BPO Needs.

BPOSeats excels in every aspect for a seat leasing company. Our services include:
Exclusive office setups with 24/7 operational capabilities.
PEZA accredited facilities.
Brand new computers are readily available for use.
IT support is always on standby for troubleshooting.

All of these great perks for a very low monthly rate starting at $99!

With over 4, 000 seats available for lease, we are more than ready and capable to accommodate your growing company. So whether it be 5 or even to 1000. BPOSeats.com is more than happy to serve you. Clients can choose from over 4 sites strategically located in major thoroughfares of Metro Cebu.

Various leasing options are available out there. In Cebu, leasing services are provided by several companies. BPOSeats stands to be the best among them. Consider BPOSeats.com as your option. Go and make the best out of your resources with leasing with the right company.


Leasing services that are affordable and efficient for your business. We have over 4 years of cumulative experience in providing call center companies a good space to operate their campaigns. Numerous companies have already entrusted us in further growing their businesses. Maximize the potential of your business. Despite the tedious process of planning and preparing for another office location, business expansion is very rewarding.


If you think about expanding your business, BPOSeats has the cumulative experience in guiding and assisting call center companies with their innovative business solutions. Seat leasing is among them. Every business wouldn’t succeed without having a reliable business partner. Partnership with BPOSeats for your leasing needs would bring tremendous growth and value to your company.



We can be the best business partner you can have as we provide you with an excellent leasing option for your business. In the expansion phase of your business, you are going to need a space large enough to suit the company’s needs.

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