With over 4, 000 call center seats and 100 + clients, finding a job in the BPO industry is made easier with BPOSeats. Available positions include Agents, Non-Agents, Team Leaders, ESL Teachers, Managers & Supervisors. With a lot of positions to fill, BPOSeats.com aims to hire talented Cebuanos fit for the job.


Saving effort and time for recruitment is possible. BPOSeats.com offers a unique recruitment solution for your hiring woes. In BPOSeats.com, we do filmed interviews. What better way to recruit your potential employees through filming their initial interviews. Hire as many as you can by simply watching the videos on our website.


Clients get an exclusive access through hundreds of filmed interviews recorded through our Recruitment hub in APM Mall.  Filmed interviews are coupled with the applicants online resumes. Online profiles created by the applicants give clients a better glimpse on their potential skills and background information. Interviews are valid for both present and future job hirings. Applicants don’t have to apply again whenever a client is interested in them.


BPOSeats.com offers offers plenty of job opportunities for all applicants. A process like this saves time and resources for both the applicant and the employer. Searching for a job has never been this easy. Gone are the days when applicants have to go for one company after the other hoping for that elusive employment they yearn to have. Finally, a technology has enabled the process to be a lot simpler and economical.

Saving Effort and Time for Recruitment

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