BPOSeats.com provides BPO companies various leasing options and other business solutions to help them reach a certain level of success. Efficiency and affordability are the things we provide to every client. More than a hundred offices are up for lease in four locations spread across Metro Cebu. With over 4, 000 seats for you to avail, there’s enough room for every client in our offices.


Being one of the key players in the BPO/cell center industry in the world, Cebu has been home to several BPO firms. To further strengthen the economic success the industry has been achieving, BPO solutions are developed to ensure sustainability in its operations.


BPOSeats aim to provide BPO centers a perfect working environment for its employees. Having an ideal office space translates to the success of its operations. To mkae this happen, all of our facilities are ready to handle 24/7 operations for your call center business.

Furthermore, customization of the office spaces are also brought into play.

Different companies have specific needs. We try our best to meet their demands and come up with innovative solutions. Our excellent resume in handling clients with grueling operations is a testament to our capability in complying to their demands. Existing spaces can be revamped and suited to the style or look the client is aiming for. Office floors, walls, workstations, chairs, and specs of the CPUs are suited to the client’s needs. BPO firms are notorious for having extended work hours, so we make sure all our facilities have what it takes to withstand such grueling workload. Work everyday and even on a holiday.

IT support is always on standby to handle troubleshooting. Internet speeds at 100 mbps is readily available with redundant ISPs to make sure you never have issues with the Internet. Avail our all-in-package which includes CPU, Internet, electricity, air-con – absolutely NO hidden costs here.

ABSOLUTELY no hidden charges

Various options are given to our clients to ensure they run their campaigns successfully. Clients get to decide how their office space should look like.

With BPOSeats.com, we pride ourselves as the best office for hire solution in the Philippines. Check us out today!


Sustainability in Operations

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