Be part of the Cebu’s largest Seat Leasing/Serviced Office provider. Take up to 1, 000 seats for your new call center Office.  Over four thousand seats across four facilities in the Metro!


If fast, easy, and affordable seat leasing is what you’re looking for, you have come to the right place. Call centers offices are constantly expanding and so we provide the office spaces they need. Professional and exclusive office spaces for your company are guaranteed in our seat leasing. Get that office space your company badly needs. Whether it be 5 or even a thousand seats, we accommodate to your every need. Privacy and efficiency is what we do best for our clients.


Many offices are provided by various seat leasing companies in Cebu. Not all of them offer great spaces. We can assure you that we offer more than just seat leasing. Office spaces are already furnished with the needed tools and equipment to keep your company going. If have any doubts with the offers we have, we can gladly take you on a tour in one of our four facilities.


Setting up your own office space doesn’t have to be stressful. Operate confidently right in the comfort of your own dream office. Take up an efficient and affordable seat leasing option now. Having a decent working space is a dire need for every company. BPO operations prosper in a professional and efficient setting. This is where operations are nested. Despite the grueling work hour schedules, BPOSeats are more than capable to handle 24/7 operations.  


Connectivity is a key element in running a successful campaign in the BPO industry. Internet connection’s significance in the work enables the operations to run unequivocally.


Internet connection is vital in BPO operations. It’s significance is unparalleled. Rest assured, all computer systems can handle your business demands. We understand how significant it is to have only the best internet connection for your company. Immense investment is being put to our internet connections to ensure quality service. Dual service providers manage our fast internet connection across all facilities. That’s why we invest heavily in our internet because we understand how important connectivity is to you.


So please do not hesitate to come give us a call. Visit one of our sites and we’d be happy to meet you.

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