Campaigns are being done all over the world through BPO or contact centers.  BPO industry is a significant service being utilized by countless firms and organizations across the globe. With this type of service, non-primary business function are being performed by a third-party provider. Its demand is getting bigger and even the largest call center conglomerates are also expanding quickly on different parts of the world. In fact, its size continues to increase.


Opening a call center business has a very promising future. Human capital is the main factor any stakeholder should focus on. Call center agents are the life and blood of their business. When it comes to potential talent, Cebu doesn’t run out of supply. Many Filipinos speak a decent level of the English language. It is also home to many prestigious colleges and universities. Further certifying it as a credible source for promising talents. Having a neat and functional office space is next on the agenda. BPO companies need more than just an office space. It has to be equipped with quality tools such brand new PCs and fast internet connection. Call centers thrive on a fast internet connectivity. Any downtime can greatly hamper business operations. Leasing a space for your office through is the best idea for your business!


Seat leasing an innovative approach in renting an office space for work. With this arrangement, you get to acquire seats for your call center at a specified rate. Internet and other furnishings are already provided for you. Engaging in this specific business model can work for the company. Overheads for running an office space are also shouldered by the lessor. stands as one of the leading seat leasing company in Cebu. We have over 4, 000 seats for you to avail spread across four sites around Metro Cebu. Price includes the facilities, equipment, space modifications, cleaning services, the internet, equipment, technical support and even electricity.


If flexibility is what you’re looking for, BPOSeats have various leasing options you can grab. Terms for our lease aren’t extensive. You get to decide on how long you desire to stay. Clients don’t have to worry about being locked up for a very long time period for your rent. With seat leasing, you only have to pay a lesser rate compared to renting. Lease from 5 even up to a thousand for your call center.  

Getting the best deals for your office space lease can now be made possible. All you have to do is give us call now!


More than just an Office Space

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