Great leasing providers like us, put out the best service to all our clients. For over 4 years, more and more BPO firms have entrusted us with our leasing services. Facilities and equipment for your operations are given proper attention.  If you think about expanding your own BPO business, now is the right time to contact us. Clients leasing our spaces have entrusted us for over 4 years.

Seats available for lease can range from 5 up to a thousand. Office spaces are exclusive and capable of 24/7 operations. BPOSeats can accommodate according to your needs and custom build spaces for larger clients. Giving you a bare space is something we don’t do in this company. Amenities are included in our leasing packages.

BPOSeats have also launched a recruitment hub. With this new type of service, manpower and staffing needs of our clients are met. In this process, we take out the hassle of sourcing out applicants for your job vacancies. Filmed interviews are then posted on our website for our clients to assess.

Clients will only have to choose among thousands of recorded interviews on our website.   

Internet speeds across all four facilities are very fast. Internet connection is provided by dual service providers to ensure zero downtime for your campaign. Internet connection is installed quickly so you can start your campaign. All facilities are certified PEZA accredited. Brand new computers are allocated across all workstations. Office set ups are modified to suit the client’s need. Exclusive office setups are made to make sure you get more productive in your work. Working privately at your very own exclusive office is possible.

Growth in your business is ensured with our services. BPOSeats is your best partner in dealing with your leasing needs. Work with the best seat leasing provider in Cebu. If you choose us to be a partner in your leasing/rental needs, you are in good hands. Give us a call and now and let’s start moving you in.

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