BPOSeats.com Call Center Office For Lease Solutions in Cebu

Lease 5 or perhaps as much as 500 seats with our special 24/7 workplaces. BPOSeats can accommodate seat leasing with your requirements and customized construct areas for bigger customers. Over 100+ special workplace setup can be leased. Offering you a bare area is something we do not carry out in this business.

Workforce and staffing requirements are likewise covered with our newly-launched Recruitment hub. In this procedure, we give you less trouble of sourcing out candidates for your job vacancies. Preliminary interviews are performed and shot for our clients’ seeing functions. Recorded interviews are then published on our site for our customers to examine.

Speeds of approximately 100 mbps are going through our systems. Web connection is supplied by double provider to guarantee no downtime for your project. Web setup is carried out immediately at the customer’s demand. All centers are accredited PEZA certified. Brand name brand-new computer systems are assigned throughout all workstations. Special workplace setups are made to make sure you get more efficient in your work. Working independently at your personal special workplace is possible.

To make sure the development of your company is smooth as you get in the BPO market, it is also rightful that you develop a collaboration with a business who supplies exceptional services. You are in excellent hands if you select us to be a partner in your leasing/rental requirements. Contact BPOSeats.com for your office rental requirements.

Pleased BPO companies can vouch for the exceptional service that we provide as a seat leasing company. For over 4 years, increasingly more and more BPO companies have actually delegated us with our leasing services. Devices and facilities throughout all 4 centers are continuously updated to offer exceptional  service. Now is the ideal time to call us if you believe about broadening your own BPO organisation. Be among our extremely valued customers now and you will not have any regrets about taking your company to higher heights.

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