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Here in BPOSeats.com, we offer the most advanced recruitment process in the BPO industry today. Or at least we really think so.  Even as a seat leasing company for over four years now in Cebu, we do our best to extend our services and help develop innovative systems to make the business more productive and efficient. Extending our services from seat leasing to recruitment has been giving our client companies a really great helping hand to their in demand hirings.


Here in BPOSeats.com, we do FILMED INTERVIEWS. Filmed interviews are productive and efficient in a sense that as an employer, you will then be viewing the same interview video as your dupe for the traditional initial face-to-face interview. This process helps employers save time in recruiting applicants rather than having to set appointments for each applicant and most usually it ends up in them missing their interview schedule. In the filmed interview are 10 essential questions that is being asked as if this is what most employers would want to know about the applicant. In that same interview, employers will get to assess the applicant based on their communication skills, especially since this should be the primary and core qualification to focus on hiring.

By then, it will be a choice for the employer of whether they decide to interview the applicant again for the last time or offer him/her a job on the spot. This itself reflects the efficiency and effectivity of the process while making it more convenient, thanks to modern technology tools.

BPO Careers - Cebu, Philippines
BPO Careers – Cebu, Philippines

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