Running a small or medium-scale business in the BPO industry posts a lot of challenges for its stakeholders. Having the right tools and resources must be coupled with a reliable business partner to guide you on the right path. With BPOSeats, we provide a customizable solutions for your company to grow. is determined in delivering the quality services every company rightfully deserves.


Call center offices thrive on running many campaigns and getting more for future operations. This can be achieved if they carry out successful outsourcing functions. Businesses utilizing their service could extend their accounts on them if they do well. Part of carrying out a successful operation is the competency of the call center office. Tech tools and advanced equipment must be available coupled with fast internet connections.


Location is a significant factor in our leasing services. Best thing about getting a lease with BPOSeats is its strategic location. Locations are accessible to everyone. Locations can be found just around Metro Cebu. Clients can opt for a shorter leasing period if they wish. Duration of the client’s stay on our facilities can be arranged. We certainly wouldn’t lock up client over long contracts. Clients get to decide on how long they can stay with us. Not the other way around. Flexibility is one of the strongest suits of the company. Flexible terms allow our clients to make the best out of their endeavors.  Campaigns often change so we’ll try to be as accommodating to your needs.


Modifications can be requested by the client if they wish. Air conditioning, fast internet, electricity, and  IT support are already included in the package. Facilities are PEZA certified. Facilities are also regularly maintained to ensure maximum performance. Prices for our leasing packages are competitive. But beyond the price, we make sure that we deliver satisfaction for our clients.

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