BPOSeats is a leader in innovative and efficient leasing options in Cebu and soon the Philippines. Cebu has been home to hundreds of BPO firms. Most of these companies are unaware with the availability of a cheaper and better alternative to office leasing. Clients get to have competent facilities while operating their business. Professional office spaces are offered to any client. Spaces have low monthly rates so practically any size of BPO business can afford our efficient leasing.  More than a hundred offices are up for lease in four locations spread across Metro Cebu. Several facilities are scattered throughout the city. This means clients can jump from one building to another  in their operations. To further strengthen the economic success the industry has been achieving, BPO solutions are developed to ensure sustainability in its operations.


Employees are comfortably seated in the own workstations. Each workstation have their own designated computer units. Great offices translate to high productivity in the workplace. To make this happen, all of our facilities are ready to handle 24/7 operations for your call center business. Clients can get their office revamped if they wish to have it look differently. Different companies have specific needs. Coming up with more innovative solutions for BPO operations is a continuous process. Grueling operations are always expected in this type of business. With this thought in mind, we made sure our facilities can handle such unforeseen circumstances. Existing spaces can be revamped and suited to the style or look the client is aiming for. Office floors, walls, workstations, chairs, and specs of the CPUs are suited to the client’s needs. Work non-stop and run more campaigns successively without a hinge. Work in your own office for straight 7 days every single week.


Troubleshooting wouldn’t be a problem for we have a competent IT support on standby. Internet speeds at 100 mbps is readily available with redundant ISPs to make sure you never have issues with the Internet. Packages for lease are available at affordable rates. No hidden costs are given for CPU, Internet, electricity, air-con usage. Running your campaigns will be smooth sailing. Internet speeds of up to 100 mbps will make sure of that.  Office spaces can get revamped looks upon the client’s request. They can have it look the way they envisioned it to be. We ought it to our clients after all. Expand your company’s capacity by taking one of our large office spaces.  Get a bigger space for your expanding business. Cover more campaigns and run more accounts. Lease now with BPOSeats.com.

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