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BPOSeats.com’s Extension to Assistance in Terms of Recruitment

Call Center offices are made and built not just with the brand and facilities in mind, but with the employees as well. This is why it is very important to build a strong foundation and partner with a trusted company that knows their job well. With BPOSeats.com, you are guaranteed to start strong with their top of the line facilities, durable amenities and safe locations for your offices. These elements are essential to your company’s success thereafter as it reflects what the company is all about and how it plays a big factor in the employment world.

While BPOSeats.com strives to provide seat leasing services to BPO companies, it also aims to create impact more than that. From PEZA-accredited facilities to brand-new computers and 100 mbps fiber optic internet connection, this seat leasing package can never go wrong. But with every intention to become better, BPOSeats.com established a recruitment hub and decided to extend their assistance to recruitment.

Recruitment is a great aspect of the business that becomes valuable as your company grows. Recruitment helps people get jobs. BPOSeats.com’s recruitment hub is a great opportunity for Filipinos to apply for jobs that are literally hassle-free. Applying at the recruitment hub means you are going to filmed during your initial interview to maximize your one and only visit, good for 100+ BPO companies. If you want find out more, head on to our website or give us a call now!

BPOSeats.com Agent Recruitment Hub (APM Mall)
BPOSeats.com Agent Recruitment Hub (APM Mall)

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