Process outsourcing is taking over the world by storm. Generate more income for your business using an efficient BPO office. Cebu stands out as great place to start your BPO firm with its huge pool of qualified applicants. Seat leasing provides comfort for call center companies aiming to expand the business. BPOSeats takes seat leasing to a more efficient way for clients. Expand your number of seat. Thousands of seats can be lease in our company. Take away the hassle of setting up your own company.


Call centers earn more by running campaigns for various establishments/organizations worldwide. BPOSeats offers very affordable seat leasing packages wherein clients can take as few as 5 seats or as many as 1,000 seats. For a good price, everything is setup for your business to thrive extremely well. Facilities include the necessary equipment and tools needed to accomplish your business goals. Lease now with us and join us here in Cebu. Filipinos in general have a decent to fluent English-speaking skills. Prestigious universities have produced a great number of talented people in the workforce each year. Unstoppable growth is expected to spur on the many years to come. Cebuanos are lucky enough to be right in the heart of it.’s provides a platform for call center companies to thrive in a competitive setting.


Continuous growth and development are expected in this industry. No signs of stopping can be seen. BPOSeats looks after the welfare and development of their clients. We make sure you have everything you need and set up to run your business.  Best pricing, no hidden charges or whatsoever! Recently a recruitment hub was launched to provide assistance to our clients. Do not burden yourself from the many expenses of renting a commercial space on your own. Lease now for a low price starting at $99 monthly per seat. Grow with us as we become the best leasing provider for BPO offices. Clients have enjoyed the best value for their money. Call us now and avail over 4,000+ seats available spread across 4 sites around Metro Cebu.

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