Envision your Call Center Business with BPOSeats.com

BPOSeats covers all spectrum in the business of BPO, making sure you only have the fastest internet connection for your business. BPOSeats.com provides the fastest internet connection possible, with 100mbps from two different internet providers. Clients who avail of bigger set-ups are also likely to customize their office. With 4 prime locations strategically placed in Cebu City, BPOSeats also makes sure your call center office will create less hassle for your future employees to arrive to. With accessible locations and PEZA accredited facilities, you can never go wrong.

Our 4 prime locations are:

  • Cebu Business Park – Ayala ACC Tower Starts at $199/seat
  • GAGFA Tower  Starts at $169/seat.
  • JDN IT Square, Mandaue Start at $130/seat.
  • Onael Building, Capitol Site Starts at $109/seat.

Clients are provided with all new durable, exceptional equipment. Equipment are constantly upgraded to yield a high customer satisfaction. Whether it be 5 seats or a thousand seats, we can accommodate according to your needs.

Along with these equipments, we also provide the following:

  • 24/7 IT Support
  • Redundant Fiber ISPs
  • 24/7 Exclusive Managed Office Environments (we don’t do “shared” because it doesn’t work!)
  • The most competitive Pricing in Cebu (our cost for 24/7 Exclusive is LESS THAN our competitor’s shared!)
  • Shared Pantries for clients
  • Shared Conference Rooms, Interview Rooms, and Training Rooms.

Envision your call center business with us. We help you grow to become Cebu’s or better yet, Philippines’ most sought after call center office!

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