Renting is an option BPO companies think of when deciding to go for expansion. Campaigns are always expanding as well. Better to have an office which are capable to your needs.  Several floors are taken up by them and convert it into their desired work space. A process like this is time consuming and requires a higher capital. Huge sums of money are often spent on finding the offices for the expansion. Prices are affordable when it comes to seat leasing with us. Resources can be used  for other expenses for other needs in the business. Add up to that the many miscellaneous expenses that comes with renting. Several government permits need to be approved and it takes so much time. Waiting for all of them to be processed can be tedious. And then you will be forced to rent this space for a certain period of time. Seven years is the required number of years for this rent.


Business can be risky and things might not go exactly the way panned them out to be. Choose how long you want to stay in your lease. We wouldn’t hold you out for long if you decide to forego with your lease. BPOSeats would understand to discontinue the venture if your business isn’t doing well. We can part ways without any bad blood. Getting your own space for the business doesn’t have to be a headache. Cost for moving into your new space in BPOSeats wouldn’t be high! Seat leasing is a preferred alternative compared to renting. In this kind of setup you get to choose the number of seats. Terms for this leasing flexible so you don’t get worried over getting too many seats. Leasing packages from BPOSeats are affordable and efficient.  Sounds like a great deal right?Spend the right amount of money for your leasing needs. Settle your business in a competent facility where your needs will be met. Get the value for your money’s worth in this type of setup. is the makes sure you get that office you need all at a lesser cost. Long term plans can be very misleading. Not everything is going as planned. Then suddenly, problems arise from getting so much demands for more campaigns. Great thing is that BPOSeats can accommodate you instantly with your leasing needs. Contracts aren’t extensive here in BPOSeats. Terms are flexible so feel free to tell us when you wish to venture outside the company for your leasing needs. Clients don’t have to worry about being locked up for a long time. Perhaps the best thing about BPOSeats is the option for customization for the office space. Get your office space done the way you want them to be. Furnitures, computers and even Internet connection is setup for you.  Extra rooms for your training sessions and HR interviews can be created to suit to your needs. Never worry about having your space shared with other tenants. Shared environments are not something we provide to our clients.


Offices with a professional look and function are offered to our beloved clients.  All of this is made possible by our capable and sufficient service. All our facilities are PEZA accredited so you can truly be assured you are dealing with a professional company. Get that premium look and feel for your office. Expand your BPO business with the help of the right kind of people. Join our roster of BPO companies enjoying the benefits of leasing a work space with us. For a low price starting at $99 monthly per seat, get your money’s worth and give us a call now! Price includes the facilities, equipment, space modifications, cleaning services, internet, equipment, technical support and even electricity.

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