Succeed in this competitive industry by partnering with a reliable leasing provider! Cebu is a great place to start your own BPO comapny. Industry is as robust as ever. The demand for more process outsourcing continues to grow. Cebu has been home to many IT and BPO companies for several years. Cebu’s Ideal business environment and availability of a talented workforce are some of the factors that have pushed BPO firms to continue expanding. And its not showing any signs of stopping.


Most of them have considered renting spaces. Start-ups are encouraged to set up theirs also. The cost of operating your office in a rented commercial space is very expensive. Renting requires larger capital, thus more expensive. Try seat leasing instead for your BPO company and save more! Seat leasing solutions is seen as a cost-efficient method in acquiring your space for work in a BPO setting.  We offer seat leasing services, offer 24/7 exclusive office environments and even recruitment solutions. Leasing options are beneficial for the end-user.  Seat leasing packages allow you to maximize your resources while enjoying the benefits of having a well-equipped work space. Get the value for your money when you lease with us.


Get your company located in a familiar and accessible place in the city. Tools such as computers and IT support are included in our services. Clients can just focus onte  It has to be in a place that is accessible. Accessibility wouldn’t be a problem also as all our facilities are located within urban junctions.  This ideal setting makes it an ideal address for your company. Facilities are accredited by PEZA and capable of running your 24/7 operations.  Internet connection is very fast and reliable in our leased office spaces. Speeds of up to 100 mbps is readily available provided by dual service providers. There will be no downtime for your business with kind of setup. Your business will definitely run smoothly.

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