BPOSeats.com’s Strong Reputation in Terms of Seat Leasing Services

For 4 years, BPOSeats.com has established a fairly impressive reputation in terms of their seat leasing services. BPOSeats has been delivering excellent quality services and highly recommended facilities. With over 4 years of existence, they have gained a dignified reputation where they ensure your company’s external stabilization and quality assurance as their facilities are PEZA-accredited.

Call Center offices have been multiplying here in Cebu where the BPO Industry is also thriving. Lately, BPO companies have been expanding their business from Manila to Cebu. Maybe they categorize Cebu as their second best branch most likely to boom.  So, when considering the expansion in Cebu, it pretty much makes sense. More than that, if you wish to minimize the cost for capital, begin your sailing to Cebu by looking at the call center workplaces readily available from BPOSeats.com.

On top of having 4,000 seats in Cebu City, we supply a 24/7 safe access to the said locations in each of our clients along with a 100mbps fiber optic connection,PEZA accredited facilities and 24/7 IT Support. These services will truly make your company grow and succeed in the fastest, safest possible way.

BPOSeats.com Seat Leasing in Cebu (JDN Square)
BPOSeats.com Seat Leasing in Cebu (JDN Square)

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