Setting up a call center is easy as ABC! Yes you got it right. BPOSeats can help you out in setting up your new BPO office at a good price! BPOSeats has several options for your leasing needs. is poised to become the best BPO Solution, Call Center Office, Serviced Office and Seat Leasing option in the Philippines. Choose an ideal location for your business from the 4 facilities we have in Metro Cebu. Our sites are spread across four different locations. With over 4,000 seats available for lease, there’s enough space for everyone. If you think about setting up your BPO business it should be located in an accessible place.


It is only right that you get an accessible location for your brand new BPO office. Get an office space in a  prime location in the city. Sites consist of PEZA-accredited facilities. Internet connectivity runs without any glitch as its speeds runs as fast as 100 mbps. Computers sets are available for each agent. Equipment are also part of our leasing package. Leasing options are cost-efficient and gives value for your money.  Growth and success of your company are what we have in mind. Length on your stay with us depends on the client’s satisfaction with our services. If you happen to enjoy the services being offered, we would be glad to extend your lease with us. Businesses can often go unsuccessful. When this happens, the company is left with no choice but to liquidate the business and set forth on a new journey. BPOSeats will not hold out clients and force them to stay with their lease. We’ll be honored if you decide to stay longer with us. Clients are assured of a flexible term for their stay with the leased office space. We part ways as soon as you decide to venture into other opportunities.


Clients have varying needs. SOme clients would like to have another rooms added into their own space. BPOSeats accommodates to this kind of request. Leasing options are made specific to meet every client’s needs. Additional rooms can be made to make room for your training sessions or conferences. BPOSeats offers flexibility and excellent service to any BPO company.  End-users for this call center office would have a great time using our facilities. If a good deal in leasing is what you’re looking for, BPOSeats is the best place to start! Make the right decision by giving us a call now. Price starts at $99 per seat! We make sure our clients get the best out of what they have paid for.

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