Innovative and efficient seat leasing options for your growing BPO business are available in BPOSeats. Cebu’s very own seat leasing provider has paved the way for BPO firms to acquire space for their own without the hassle and at a lesser cost. Cebu has been home to hundreds of BPO firms. Most of these companies are unaware with the availability of a cheaper and better alternative to office leasing. Clients get to utilize cutting-edge facilities at a fraction of the price. Clients always want that professional look for their offices. BPOSeats offices are suited to function well for call center operations. Get to avail functional workspaces at low rates.  More than a hundred offices are up for lease in four locations spread across Metro Cebu.


Seat leasing options can be availed in any of our sites in Cebu. Clients can jump from one building to the other to further grow their business within our facilities. To further strengthen the economic success the industry has been achieving, BPO solutions are developed to ensure sustainability in its operations. Employees get to have their own workstations and individual computers. Great offices translate to high productivity in the workplace. To make this happen, all of our facilities are ready to handle 24/7 operations for your call center business. Spaces can be modified to suit to the client’s taste or needs. Different companies have specific needs. Coming up with more innovative solutions for BPO operations is a continuous process. Operations can go on for a simultaneous cycle and so we have made it sure that our facilities are capable of doing all the work.


Run your campaigns confidently without having to worry for any power outage or Internet disconnection. Systems are constantly monitored to ensure they work at their best. Office spaces can get revamped upon the client’s request. They can have it look the way they envisioned it to be. We ought it to our clients after all. Expand your company’s capacity by taking one of our large office spaces.  Get a bigger space for your BPO at great price. If you want a comfortable and functional office for your company BPOSeats has plenty of options for you to choose from. Lease now with

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