Call center companies are always looking for places where they can expand their operations. Cebu is a great start for your BPO business. Planning to open up a site here in Cebu will be an excellent idea. But before you open your business, you need to partner with a credible leasing provider to help you setup your office. Functional and large office spaces by BPOSeats are the right kind of setup for you.  Functional equipment and quality maintenance with its tools are needed. Several processes are made in order to keep a business going.


Have that professional vibe and neat offices for your call center by taking a lease with us. Over four sites to choose from around Metro Cebu. Locations are very accessible to the public. This largely contributes to the company’s success. A simple work space just wouldn’t be enough for a BPO company running a campaign. For an office space to be conducive for work, all essentials must be readily available. What sets us apart from other providers is the inclusion of extra amenities in the packages we offer.  In the long run, a BPO firm not getting these services properly will suffer. Seat leasing offers flexibility in terms of leasing agreements and pricing. Renting a commercial space on your own and shouldering the overhead expenses is too unbearable. Let BPOSeats handle your leasing woes. Other option to look for is seat leasing. BPOSeats take up floors in skyscrapers and overhaul the entire space for you to lease.


BPOSeats offices are fully-furnished to make sure you get work done efficiently.  For over four years, we have grown our clientele to over 100. Make the most out of your resources by taking up a lease that sets out to provide your excellent services. It’s a very competitive business out there, and BPOSeats offers a cost-efficient solution for your renting woes. Offices spaces which are comparatively better than most leasing providers in Cebu. BPOSeats offer cost-efficiency and flexibility to the client. Use of facilities, equipment, and furnishings is already part of the package. The length of the term of your lease can be arranged as well.Startups can get the value for their money’s worth. At present, BPOSeats is the fastest-growing BPO leasing provider in Cebu. Clients across four facilities in Metro Cebu continue to be part of us to this day. A testament to our dedicated service and excellent partnership. Be one of our valuable clients.

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