Call centers in Cebu are operating non-stop. Continuous growth is expected to come. Not many of them can afford getting a place on their own to settle their operations. Go for seat leasing instead of renting an entire space for your BPO office. Leasing this way involves a fewer expenses and lesser overhead maintenance. Start-up companies have utilized this type of setup to reduce cost on leasing. Save money, time and effort in setting up your BPO company in Cebu.


Seat leasing provides a cheaper alternative in acquiring a space for their company. Quality office spaces coupled with other amenities essential in making the workplace conducive. Have your space customized the way you want them to be. BPOSeats is knowledgeable about how the BPO industry works. takes it to the next level. BPOSeats is different from other companies. Serviced offices are done with a more personal touch as we try to incorporate your needs to your office space. Doing this allows you to make good use of your office space.  Facilities include high-speed internet and free use of computers.


Call center companies taking up a rent worry about the extensive periods they have to endure. Taking up a rent requires a larger capital and a minimum of seven years have to be agreed upon prior to signing. Clients get to have flexible terms for their lease. You get to decide how long you wish to stay with us. Extra space can be added just in case you want to add more workspace for your operations. Price includes electricity, air conditioning, cleaning services, IT equipment, office modification and the internet. BPO solutions tailor-made for every specific client are available. Having you as one of our valuable clients will be a great pleasure. Best thing about seat leasing is that it allows your company to grow without having to spend so much. Join our roster of BPO clients and lease with the right provider now. Give us a call now!

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