Get a brand new BPO office. Offices with better facilities and faster internet connection. Offices in the BPO industry require so much tools and equipment to keep it running. BPOSeats has the right office for your company. Need to expand? Let us handle that for you.  Affordable and cost-efficient seat leasing method for your brand new BPO office is done easier with BPOSeats!  Not only do you get a spacious area for your business but also highly competitive facility to keep your business growing. Custom-built offices are done without the extra cost too!


BPO companies continue to endure in the Philippine economic landscape. Call centers have been very successfully in running many campaigns. Sites are being opened in more locations in the country.  Many opportunities await for many applicants in this industry. Call centers are operating in Metro Cebu right now. BPO operations generate millions of money with this type of business. BPO firms abroad choose the Philippines as their location for business due to its excellent business environment. BPO firms abroad establish their own headquarters here to expand their business. If you have plans to set up a call center in Cebu, contact to provide office space rental, call center office lease or seal leasing solutions for your upcoming site or expansion of your company. Over 100 exclusive office spaces exist in our facilities right now. We are just waiting for you to call  us and have everything set up for you. Give us a call now and we’d be happy to hear from you. Cost-efficient and highly advanced facilities are given to clients . Custom-built offices are possible upon request. Back support and other essentials for your business such air conditioning, fast internet, electricity, and IT support are available also. Leasing packages include use of computers and high-speed internet. PEZA-accredited facilities use the best equipment and latest technology to ensure you run a successful campaign.


Office spaces are fully-customizable for your clients who would wish to have their spaces more personalized.. Customizable setups are offered due to the growing need of BPO companies looking for a flexible leasing option. Add more rooms on your own space if you need it.. When clients get to have their own spaces, they get a fully-furnished office. Necessary tools and equipment are available for your use. So you never have to purchase expensive equipment for your business. You can be assured that you will not be getting a bare office space. Chairs, tables and IT equipment are included in the price. Computers are brand new and highly-functional. Assistance for your daily operations regarding your IT concerns will be addressed. Sanitary comfort rooms and pantries are accessible. Rooms and other office spaces are regularly cleaned to maintain sanitation. Long term contracts are discouraged in BPOSeats. Clients get to decide on how long they wish to stay in the facility after one month of stay.

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