Seat Leasing Packages Available with

BPOSeats offers cost-efficiency and flexibility for your company. Helping you achieve the level of success through the use of our facilities is what we have in mind. A start-up company will need all the help it can get. is just that type of company willing to held a hand. Providing a professional office space and running your company privately are what we hope to cater to every client. Seat leasing options at a low price done in easy ways.

Running a campaign posts many challenges. Having downtime disables the client to pursue the operation. We can provide of an office space suitable to the demands and needs in successfully running a campaign. In order to compete with the major players in the BPO industry, you will need the advanced tools and topnotch technical support. Many expenses will have to be incurred to run a ludicrous operation.

BPOSeats provides a platform for small-scale to medium-sized BPO companies a great deal of leasing packages. Setting up your own office doesn’t have to be a gargantuan task anymore. There is a company out there who can provide the space you need for your office and more. Starting up your own call center is made easier with

Leasing can range from 5 seats up to a thousand. Offices spaces can be located in either 4 of our sites. All of them strategically located in all four locations around Metro Cebu. Accessibility wouldn’t be a problem.

Facilities in all of our sites are PEZA accredited. Internet connectivity are fast at blazing speeds of 100 mbps. Computers for all workstations are brand new and constantly upgraded. Office spaces are designed to provide a professional look and feel. Utility bills are already paid for in your monthly leasing.

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