BPO companies abroad have been setting up their sites here in Cebu. Being a major player in the BPO industry, Cebu has become a top competitor in terms of BPO growth. Outsourcing business in the Cebu is powerhouse sector in the local industry. Outsourcing companies are confident about opening a site here due to Cebu’s excellent business environment. Cebu is one of the key players in this industry. It is the setting for many call center companies. Various job opportunities have been given to countless Cebuanos. Putting up your site here in Cebu can have its challenges. Acquiring a space entirely on your own can have 


Seat leasing and office space rentals are available in BPOseats.com. For over 4 years in the business, over 100+ companies have been amazed by the services we offer. Services are hassle-free and flexible. Clients have chosen to stay and enjoy what we have to offer. Facilities are located in 4 sites around Metro Cebu. One is located in Capitol Site, second one is in Mandaue, the third location is in Mabolo and last is in Ayala.


Over 4,000 seats are available for lease. Additional seats are added as we expand our business. Our offices are situated in major thoroughfares of the metro which makes it an ideal setting for your business. Offices are exclusive to the lessee only. Operate privately inside your own office with BPOSeats. Exclusive spaces are what we offer to our clients. Call centers can operate privately in their own office space. We provide exclusive office spaces for everyone. Seats and tables are readily available also. There’s enough space for everyone. Make the most out of your resources. Let BPOSeats be your trusted partner in growing your company. With BPOSeats.com, we will be at your side in providing the needs for your business to grow further.

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