Great things will happen for your company when you get to be with a reputable leasing provider for your call center office! Growing companies in the BPO sector can take advantage of the many cost-efficient leasing options BPOSeats can offer.  For larger office spaces, BPOs can yield huge savings off of this inexpensive setup. For many years, has been providing quality service to all its clients. Get one for your company that works best and gives value back to your money. Clients can request to have their space revamped without hassle of getting it done. Overhead costs and activities will be shouldered by BPOSeats while you focus on your business. 


Call center offices have many leasing options to choose from that suits to a BPO company’s need. Exclusive office setups with 24/7 operational capabilities. PEZA accredited facilities will ensure high performance for your operations. Brand new computers are available for your use. Troubleshooting would never a problem. IT support is always ready to support you with your server issues or other tech concerns. All of these great perks for a very low monthly rate starting at $ 109! Clean and comfortable office spaces are vital to a conducive work environment. Getting a leasing deal for your call center office here in BPOSeats brings tremendous value for your resources. But with a very busy and hectic operation, some companies tend to neglect its significance. Call center offices are neat and highly-functional for the client. One factor to consider leasing an office space is its cleanliness.


Amenities such as comfort rooms and/or lounge are present to cater to your whim. Facilities are capable of handling the most rigorous BPO operations out there. Computers are ready for us once you move into your new BPO office so you won’t bother setting up your equipment. Lease 5 seats or even up to a thousand. Office spaces that we have are large enough to suffice to all your leasing needs.  Four sites are available to choose from in BPOSeats. Facilities are all located in accessible areas in Metro Cebu. BPOSeats has an extensive knowledge on providing assistance to BPO clients. Customizable leasing options with the clients in mind. Leasing services are more client-oriented to suit to their growing needs.

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