Create A Successful Call Center Business with

Being knowledgeable enough about the BPO industry certainly helps having a successful call center of your own. Growth in the call center business have rapidly changed the economic landscape of the Philippine economy in the past several years. Numerous buildings are constantly being built on many business districts including Cebu. With this growing demand, comes many BPO companies looking for office spaces to shelter their operations. With the growing number of seat leasing providers in Cebu, it can be tough to decide which one gives the best deal.

Satisfied BPO firms can attest to the excellent service we offer as a seat leasing service provider. For over 4 years, more and more BPO firms have entrusted us with our leasing services. Equipment and amenities across all four facilities are constantly upgraded to provide satisfactory service. If you think about expanding your own BPO business, now is the right time to contact us. Be one of our highly valued clients now and you won’t ever worry again about taking your business to greater heights.

Lease  5 or even up to 500 seats with our exclusive 24/7  offices. BPOSeats can accommodate according to your needs and custom build spaces for larger clients. Over 100+ exclusive office setup can be rented. Giving you a bare space is something we don’t do in this company. Amenities are included in our leasing packages.

Manpower and staffing needs are also covered with our newly-launched Recruitment hub. In this process, we take out the hassle of sourcing out applicants for your job vacancies. Initial interviews are conducted and filmed for our client’s viewing purposes. Filmed interviews are then posted on our website for our clients to assess.


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