Avail of BPOSeats.com’s Call Center Seats in Cebu

Start your own call center by availing from 5 to 1, 000 seats among 4,000 seats available for lease. Your future company can either be in one of the four locations we have around Metro Cebu. Location of our sites are very accessible for everyone, making it an ideal place for work. Facilities are PEZA accredited and coupled with the fastest 100mbps+ FIBER OPTIC Internet Connections in the country. Our staff and crew are more than ready and capable to assist you in providing you with your needs in running your campaigns.

Call center industry is a big thing in the Philippines. And when I say big, I mean millions or even billions of money is generated in this type of industry. BPO industry in Cebu keeps on getting bigger. Thousands of Filipinos continue to bear the fruits of their labor working for this industry. Satellite offices are being set up in more areas by several BPO firms due to growing demand.

BPOseats.com offers the best Internet connectivity along with it’s seat leasing services .BPOSeats.com also offers competitive yet affordable prices with flexible terms for each client. BPOSeats.com even has the ability to accommodate from 1 to 1000 call center seats for you!

With the fastest Internet connection, BPOSeats.com helps you get jump start your office along with our reliable and structured call center offices. Our PEZA accredited facilities keeps the quality and assurance of your office set-up even more reliable. BPOseats.com offer you your own exclusive office without any extra charges, we can provide each client with the exact specifications that a clients needs to get started.

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