Call center companies are constantly eyeing for an expansion. Various accounts can no longer be accommodated in their current office. Larger facilities capable of handling more campaigns are needed. Call center businesses looking for a professional and functional setup should go for a lease in BPOSeats. Get that office space your office badly needs. Leasing options here are flexible wherein other providers would lock you up. Huge savings can be enjoyed as you get to lease with this type of lease. Deals like these offer plenty of room for other developments instead of spending a fortune on lease.


Call center offices which are functional for your operations. Not all of them offer great spaces. We can assure you that we offer more than just seat leasing. Essential tools and equipment needed for your campaign’s operation are provided. Companies dream of working on their own private space.Expand your call center business by getting more seats or renting an entirely brand new office from us. Let us worry about the upkeep, and utility bills while you only pay a low monthly rate starting at $109. Lease up to 1, 000 seats for your new call center Office.  Over four thousand seats across four facilities in the Metro! Get the right workplace for your BPO firm. Process is fast, easy, and affordable. Privacy is a major concern for many of our clients. Here in BPOSeats, offices are not shared with the other tenants. Work privately inside your office without having to sacrifice any semblance of privacy as you go through your daily operations. Setting up your own office space doesn’t have to be stressful. Operate confidently right in the comfort of your own dream office.


Take up an efficient and affordable seat leasing option now. Having a decent working space is a dire need for every company. Despite the grueling work hour schedules, BPOSeats are more than capable to handle 24/7 operations.  Internet connection wouldn’t be a problem.  Facilities in are equipped with the  fast speeds of up 100 mbps. Clients don’t have to worry about hooking themselves up to an expensive internet connection.  We can help you move in so you can start right away. So please do not hesitate to come give us a call. Visit one of our sites and we’d be happy to take you on a tour in one of our great facilities.

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