Call Center Office Solutions by exists within 4 prime locations in Cebu.  We offer call center office solutions or seat leasing services that are guaranteed affordable at the same time updated.

What’s more is leasing contracts are NOT FIXED. Therefore, in worse cases when you are not pleased with our services, we do not force you to stay. In these seat leasing services are four prime locations where you and your company can be located to:

  • Cebu Business Park – Ayala ACC Tower Starts at $199/seat
  • GAGFA Tower  Starts at $169/seat.
  • JDN IT Square, Mandaue Start at $130/seat.
  • Onael Building, Capitol Site Starts at $109/seat.

We commit to our services. As a seat leasing provider, we are also open to building custom made offices for you. We value our clients and we make sure you get the office you desire. What’s more is that offers more than just seat leasing services. This year, we have extended our services from seat leasing to recruitment. We can now help you and your company provide manpower to give you the ideal individuals fit for your company and the job. Soon we will venture into payroll creation. With this feature, we help you manage your payroll along with your employee’s right to government benefits. In the Philippines, this is pretty much such a hassle to handle.

If you or anyone you know is interested, do not hesitate to contact or e-mail us here at Keep an eye out for more of our services. Surely, you will know what works and what is convenient, really.


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